Current Participants: 2020 – 2021

Joanna Wu

Hi! My name is Joanna Wu and I am a second-year student majoring in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management and minoring in Corporate Environmental Management. Being born and raised in California, I have learned to appreciate the environment from hiking, going to beaches, and conserving water for most of my life. In my free time, I enjoy thrifting, playing volleyball, and find the best coffee place in the city. Regarding the environment, I am interested in learning more about environmental law and hopefully work at a government agency in the future.

Sandy Zhang

I am a freshman in CBS, majoring in Cellular and Organismal Physiology and minoring in Art. I moved here from China at a young age, so the cultural differences among environmental issues have always been fascinating to me. I also enjoy creating positive changes, from mental health advocacy to challenging language and cultural barriers around me through interpretation services. In my free time I love to get involved with anything artistic, cook, and spend time with my younger siblings (ages 6 and 3!).

Zhaoxu Sui

Hello! I am sophomore majoring in B.S. Geography and minoring in Geographic Information Science, Population Studies, and Interdisciplinary Design. I am from China, and I love making and collecting maps. I really care about the environmental issues and sustainable development of my hometown and other parts of the world. I want to make my own contributions on that.

Keeli Siyaka

My name Keeli Siyaka and I’m currently a Senior at the University of Minnesota – Morris majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology. I have always been interested in learning about the natural world through science, but I found my true passion for environmental justice issues after protesting the BP Whiting Oil refinery and subsequently visiting the movement at Standing Rock in the summer of 2016. Since then, I have made it my goal to dedicate my education and future career to making this planet a more equitable and sustainable home for all. I hope to achieve this through a career in environmental and tribal law. In my free time I enjoy beading and sewing, hiking with my dogs, experimenting in the kitchen, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Lily Heiting

I’m Lily Heiting! I’m a Junior majoring in Urban Studies with a minor in sustainability studies and possibly geographic information science as well. After graduation I currently hope to pursue my masters at the U for Environmental Planning. I am particularly interested in renewable energy sources, stormwater management/green infrastructure, waste management, and in general, learning ways to mitigate climate change. In my free time I enjoy cooking/baking, going for walks, and trying new foods and restaurants!

Kayli Salmela

I’m Kayli, a fourth year undergraduate student studying Public & Nonprofit Management and Human Resources/Industrial Relations Management with a minor in Spanish. I grew up in New Hampshire and in northern Minnesota, where I always spent a lot of time outside. One particular area of sustainability and the environment that I’m curious about is the ways that perspectives on nature differ depending on where people grew up and how it influences values of outdoor stewardship and environmentalism. On campus, I’m a mentor to first-year students in the Carlson Crew Leaders program and a member of the U of M chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. Outside of school, I enjoy sewing, walking outdoors, reading, and learning about medicinal and practical uses for plants and how to be responsible in caring for them.

Hailey Peterson

I am a senior at the U of M Rochester campus. I am studying health sciences with the hopes of attending medical school and becoming an OB/GYN or fertility specialist. I grew up in Anoka, the Halloween capitol of the world and attended Anoka High school. I have enjoyed rock climbing since I was in high school and I love to go camping up north and hiking wherever I can find a nice trail. I recently became an aunt to a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte and I could not be more happy. I currently work at Cardinal of Minnesota but I am transitioning into my new job at the Mayo Clinic as a Urology Technician.

Cynthia Yang

Hi, I’m Cynthia. I’m a 2nd year double majoring in Global Studies and Communications Studies and a minor in Management. My concentration of studies for my Global Studies major are cultural production and everyday practices and my region of concentration is East Asia. I have a passion to help people and make change to the world, which directed my dream job into working in a non-profit organization. Some of my favorite things to do are traveling, playing tennis, and staying home, tuck under my blanket with my favorite shows on.

Xiaohang Zhi

My name is Xiaohang Zhi and I am an international student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I like hiking and cooking. I am passionate to exploring ways to use energy in a more efficient and clean way.

Katie LeGare

My name is Katie and I am a junior majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior and minoring in Sustainability and Spanish. On campus, I am involved in the non-profit BrightSide Produce and assist in coordinating their food delivery program. I am also working on research involving species distribution modeling and I enjoy bicycling, journaling, and reading.

Anna Stalsberg

I am a Junior in the College of Liberal Arts working on my Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Psychology, Sociology, and Holistic Health, as well as doing a minor in Public Health. I am passionate about understanding the social determinants of health including the role of our environment in creating healthy communities. Outside of school I like being outdoors hiking or playing volleyball, and I also enjoy cooking and baking!

Jacqueline Jobin

Hi! My name is Jacqueline and I am a senior studying Environmental Science, Policy, and Management with a minor in Corporate Environmental Management. I’m passionate about a variety of environmental issues including sustainability in business, plastic waste, wildlife conservation, and climate change. In my free time, you can find me blogging about water conservation issues, baking chocolate chip cookies, reading a good book in a sunny spot, playing badminton, or watching educational documentaries. I love learning about the world through travel and my favorite trip was when I visited Kenya!

Rawan Algahtani

I am a sophomore majoring in Human Resources Development and Computer Science with a minor in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. I volunteer regularly with Feed My Starving Children and as a Member of the International Student Ambassadors. I am involved in a diverse number of clubs and organizations like ISAB, SHRM, CCDG, etc. I enjoy spending time getting to meet new people from all over the world, crafting new masterpieces, and participating in researches.

Asha Kaliappan

My name is Asha Kaliappan, and I am a freshman majoring in Biology, Society, and the Environment and minoring in Public Health. I am passionate about the environment and how it relates to issues like justice, health, and sustainability. In my free time, I like to read, spend time outdoors and with family, listen to music, and watch movies.

Charlie Kidder

I am a Marketing major with a minor in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. I’ve loved the outdoors my whole life and I’m interested in how communication can be used to keep Earth green. I love biking around the cities, wasting time in spots that look nice, and attempting to learn the guitar. Someday, I hope to combine all these interests into a career that allows me to use my voice for good- preferably while also traveling!

Tora Husar

I am a junior studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. I’m interested in environmental policy and the intersection of inequality and climate change. I’m passionate about the importance of infusing environmental considerations in governance and business. In my free time, I enjoy reading, biking, trying new recipes, and watching gymnastics.

Marin Kelly

My name is Marin Kelly and I am a senior majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment with a minor in Sustainability Studies. During the Spring 2020 semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Bocas del Toro, Panama through The School for Field Studies. While abroad I learned about the language and culture of Panama, as well as tropical island biodiversity, resource management, environmental policy, and socioeconomic values. I was also able to work closely with local indigenous populations to understand their way of life and the struggles they face within a quickly changing climate and globalizing world. Overall, I am passionate about intersectional environmentalism; working for both people and the planet to create and advocate for social, racial, and environmental justice. I love all the outdoors, and in my free time, I enjoy photography, visiting coffee shops, hiking, backpacking, traveling, running, and cooking.

Brita Larsen

My name is Brita and I am a junior majoring in Biology, Society, and the Environment with a minor in Public Health. I am passionate about health equity and the intersection between environmental and human health. After graduation I hope to attend medical school and continue to focus on these areas. I am from Duluth, Minnesota and love going on canoe trips, hiking, and nordic skiing.

Bradley Luchsinger

I am a junior year transfer student in the philosophy program of the College of Liberal Arts. My interest in philosophy overall was sparked by a wonderful environmental ethics class at Saint Paul College, and I can’t wait to apply everything I have learned, particularly in regards to the intersection of environmentalism and justice. I like spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, or even just watching the birds, otherwise you can usually find me cooking, reading, watching movies, or playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Mia Krohn

I’m Mia (she/her) and I am currently a senior majoring in Finance, Entrepreneurial Management, and Public and Nonprofit Management with a minor in Sustainability Studies. I hope to use the educational opportunities I have to gaining a better understanding of the issues we all face at the intersection of social and environmental problems. In the future, I want to use my career to implement innovative solutions that create positive impacts for vulnerable communities. I enjoy exploring new foods and music, spending quality time with friends, and cuddling with my cat! My favorite part of nature is water, so I love taking walks near a river, creek, or lake. I marvel at the beauty of the Earth and of other people, so I hope to leave a positive mark on both.

Paula Fagbule

My name is Paula. I am a Senior in the College of Liberal Arts studying Global Studies with concentrations in political economy and environmental change in Africa and a minor in African American and African Studies!. My dream job is working in development in Africa. In my free time I like cooking and reading

Chloe Wick

My name is Chloe Wick, and I am majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology and Development and Chemical Engineering. I love spending time outside and am passionate about sustainability and the environment. In my free time I enjoy running, backpacking, hiking, watching terrible movies, and annoying my little sister.

Muna Al Zubaydi

Hi 👋 my name is Muna and I’m a sophomore at CSOM studying Marketing and International business. I’m passionate about working on meaningful projects and creating a thriving environment for others. In my free time, I enjoy going on nature walks, cooking, and making art. I’m looking forward to working on sustainability projects and building relationships with my fellow IOnE leaders!

Rohan Raikar

My name is Rohan and I’m majoring in Physiology and Biology, Society and Environment with a minor in Spanish. I’m interested in sustainability and its intersection with the health and education here in Minneapolis.
I love to spend my free time outdoors running, walking, hammocking and playing soccer!

Ethan Cypull

Hey everyone! I am majoring in Environmental Policy with a minor in Political Science. Ever since I saw a documentary in high school about microplastic pollution, I have been passionate about learning more about its impact. It is my goal to travel the world in search of the effects of microplastic pollution and create a documentary about it. In my free time, I enjoy listening to scary podcasts, working out, and eating Culver’s custard (cookie dough and vanilla only!).

Rosa Dunn

I am a senior studying Marketing and International Business. My goal is to work in sustainable and purpose-driven business. My favorite things are the North Shore, black coffee, kayaking, skiing, and NPR podcasts.

Mason Padilla

I’m a junior studying Biology, Society, & Environment with an Ecology focus. In my free time, I love cooking, lounging at cafes, and spending time with my friends. I am passionate about the outdoors and am a trip leader with the UMN Outdoors Club. I believe in empowering all to be able to live sustainably while developing their connection with nature. I’ve been able to do so while working with Sustainability Education!

Brianna Barkema

I am a sophomore double majoring in Human Physiology and BSE (Biology, Society, and Environment). After completing my degrees, I plan on pursuing an MD. I grew up in a low-income household that exposed me to the difficulties of having a lack of access to necessary resources. These experiences are what drives my desire to participate in the Minnesota 2020 Water Plan project. I hope this is just the beginning of my journey to making the world a better place.

Tamar Maldonado

I am currently a third year student in the College of Liberal Arts and I hope to major and/or minor in Jewish and Global studies. I grew an interest and passion for agricultural systems and issues surrounding food scarcity in high school which followed me into university. I hope that opportunities such as this program allow me to engage and connect with local communities on issues regarding sustainability. Activities I enjoy include reading, playing video games, hiking, and spending time with loved ones.

Pavan Guttipatti

My name is Pavan (puh-ven) and I am a freshman majoring in Neuroscience in CBS from Lakeville, Minnesota. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing video games, listening to music, and anything outdoors. Some of my passions are current events/politics, art & music, science, and music. What drives me is the opportunity to create change for the better.

Past Participants: 2019 – 2020

Lilli Ambort

I am a junior in the College of Liberal Arts studying global studies with concentrations in political economy and environmental change in East Asia and a minor in Chinese! I have always been passionate about the environment, but being at the U has opened up a lot of different opportunities (like UGL) for me to become more active in the environment and conservation community. My dream job is working in sustainable development in East Asia, but until then I’m very happy working for Sustainability Education at IonE!

Karly Beaumont

My name is Karly Beaumont and I am studying Environmental Sciences with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Some of my favorite things to do are traveling, spending time outdoors, and reading any books having to do with politics!

Drew Birschbach

I’m a sophomore journalism major and avid skier, currently I am volunteering as a reporter and researcher with Real College Podcast and have just started working with the USCSA to promote nordic skiing in the Midwest.

Sarah Burch

My name is Sarah and I’m a senior majoring in Applied Economics and minoring in Political Science and Business Management. I’m passionate about the environment and learning what individuals can do to mitigate climate change. One of my role models is Greta Thunberg and I was fortunate enough to participate in a few Fridays for Future Climate Strikes!

Mayank Dugar

I am an international undergraduate exchange student from India and my major is Economics and my minors are Environmental Science and Finance. My goal is to become a social entrepreneur working especially in the fields of pollution, waste and plastic in the developing countries. I am open to working on other ideas around sustainability. Also, in my free time, I like cooking, reading, playing sports, hiking and camping.

Bernardo Guarderas

My name is Bernardo. I come from Ecuador, recently famous for its protests. I really enjoy being around nature and appreciate all it does for us. My major is Sustainable Systems Management.

Chandra Her

Chandra Her is a senior majoring in Sustainable Systems Management with a focus on Sustainable Products Business Management. I discovered my passion for supporting equity, social justice, sustainability, and environmental opportunities in underserved communities after a service learning trip where I learned to and installed solar panels on a Native American reservation. Outside of school, some activities I enjoy are spending time with my family, keeping up with a lot of TV series, and crafting for various projects.

Celine Jennings

I’m studying Psychology and Environmental Science, Policy, and Management and am wildly excited to be able to further explore a couple of topics that I’ve been interested in. I’d like to battle period poverty by finding a way to make menstrual care more accessible and sustainable.

Natalie Kegel

I am currently an Environmental Science, Policy, and Management student and very passionate about the field. In my free time I enjoy cooking with my roommates and venturing through art galleries.

Dirk Last

I am a sophomore majoring in environmental science with minors in geographic information systems and water science. I am a musician and super busy!

Katie LeGare

Katie is a sophomore majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior and minoring in Sustainability and Spanish. On campus, she is involved in BrightSide Produce and tutors middle schoolers at Safe Place Homework Help. She enjoys bike riding, journaling, reading (particularly historical and multicultural fiction), and has a love for animals, especially dogs.

Phoebe Limond

I am Phoebe Limond and I am a junior in CFANS. I am studying Agricultural Business Management and minoring in Sustainability, Supply Chain, and Chinese. I am very passionate about developing sustainable supply chain in developing countries and hope one day to have a career in that industry.

Molly Mao

I am Molly from China, majoring in economics and math. I am Driven to Discover environment policies and entrepreneurship to build a cleaner world with more equal opportunities.

Phoebe McCartan

I am Phoebe McCartan, I’m from Richfield, MN and I’m a freshman majoring in bioproducts/biosystems engineering and minoring in sustainability. I enjoy spending time outdoors, painting, dancing, and watching movies.

Molly McMullen

I am a senior majoring in Biology, with minors in Sustainability Studies and Leadership. My passion for environmental justice stems from my appreciation for nature and my developed awareness of threats to the biosphere. After graduation I hope to work alongside others to develop more sustainable practices involving clean energy, waste management, and food production.

Abby Poeschl

I am a sophomore in the college of design majoring in graphic design and minoring in product design. I am passionate about sustainability especially within textile and plastic recycling. My goal in life is to make the earth a bit greener in anyway I can.

Jennifer Rosauer

Hi! My name is Jennifer Rosauer, and I’m a junior in Industrial Engineering with minors in Business law and Chemistry. I am interested in the intersection of sustainability and equity, and I am excited to learn more through this program. In my free time I like to cook, weightlift, and am currently learning how to rock climb!

Caro Silvola

My name is Caro Silvola (she/her & they/them) and I’m a dual-degree student in Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering (with a focus in Environmental and Ecological Engineering) and English Literature who is passionate about fostering interdisciplinary collaboration on environmental justice initiatives. I’m currently really into mycology and biomimicry in activist strategy. I’m also hoping to work on bringing subsidized menstrual cups to the U!

Maha Syed

I’m a sophomore majoring in biochemistry. Last summer, I got the amazing opportunity to study the Tajik language abroad in Tajikistan. I hope to be able to join my love for traveling and biology in the future. In my spare time, I like to explore downtown, eat good food, and listen to podcasts.

Shahar Tsameret

I am a sophomore studying bioproducts and biosystems engineering with an emphasis on environmental and ecological engineering. In my spare time, I do activism with IfNotNow and serve as the outreach chair for oSTEM @ Minnesota.

Cassidy Valade

Cassidy Valade is a senior studying Biology, Society and the Environment focusing on public health and sustainability. She’s most interested in studying the relationship between humans and the environment, specifically in global south-north interactions. In spring of ’19, she studied sustainable development in Kenya while she interned and researched at a fair trade coffee cooperative. She’s inspired in ethical travel, daily explorations, music, community, nature, and movement such as climbing, hiking, biking, and backpacking. You can probably find her in her free time biking with a book in her pack along the river or at a coffee shop.

Subhra Kant

Past Participants

2018-19 Participants

Annika Liv Johnson

Annika is a prospective Urban studies student with a focus in design and sustainability. She is currently a volunteer photographer for a few local animal rescues and has a passion for helping students connect with these rescues as well. She wants to make the world a better place one paw at a time!

Elizabeth Joncas

Elizabeth is a junior majoring in Sustainable Systems Management and minoring in German and Management. On campus, she works both as a student archivist at Andersen Library and as an Organics Communication Intern for the University’s Sustainability Department. There, she is currently helping keep TCF Bank Stadium a zero waste facility. Elizabeth’s the most at home in Minneapolis, she’s a huge fan of hammocking, and Gooseberry Falls is her favorite place to hike.

Elizabeth Marti

Elizabeth Marti is currently a junior at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She is pursuing a major in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management with minors in Sustainability Studies and Climatology. She has a huge passion for the world around me and continues to enjoy learning about sustainability around the world.

Emily Worman

Emily is a senior studying Spanish and Geography, with a concentration in Environmental Geography. On campus, she works as a teaching assistant for a public health course and an intern at the Learning Abroad Center. She has also worked on projects focused on environmental education and community engagement, and is interested in how environmental issues are talked about in different cultures. She spent the spring semester in 2018 studying abroad in Spain and is now learning Portuguese, and hopes to combine her passions for languages and sustainability in the future. She loves spending time with friends, traveling, and drinking coffee.

Emily Worman

Sarah is a Junior studying Chemical Engineering. On campus, she is the director of sustainability in the Society of Women Engineers working to decrease the club’s waste production. She loves to travel and spent the last summer volunteering on a marine conservation project in Cambodia, working with locals on a coral reef project and waste programs. She currently volunteers in a polymer lab on campus and outside of class, she enjoys skating, cooking, playing bridge, and exploring the cities.

Jillian Hansen

Jillian is sophomore studying political science and global studies with a focus in environment and sustainable development. On campus, she works as a peer advisor for CLA Career Services, assisting U of MN students with post-graduation planning and facilitating other projects throughout the College of Liberal Arts. She is also the financial officer for the Undergraduate Political Science Association, for which she has helped pilot a new mentorship program for transfer/freshmen students. For the past 3 summers she has worked as a counselor for YMCA Camp Wapsie, developing the teamwork and leadership skills of campers through outdoor education practices such as hiking, rock climbing, and canoeing.
2017-18 Participants

Nick Minor

Nick is at the U studying Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior to pursue his passion for big questions about biodiversity. Growing up in the Chicago area, Nick was always fascinated by flora and fauna, especially birds, and through them he began to explore phenomena like migration, evolution, and population dynamics. This interest in biodiversity has connected him to wild landscapes, to unanswered scientific questions, to sustainability, and to the power of storytelling in profound ways–all integral parts of the life Nick is working now to create for himself.

Dania Marin-Gavilan

Dania Marin-Gavilan is studying Environmental Science (EEC) with a minor in food systems. She is most interested in the connection between environmental issues and social issues, and how these intersections specifically affect our food systems and livelihoods. She is excited to be in the art science practice of the program because I truly believe that the separation of art and science is completely fictional; art is science, science is art.

Lauren Schultz

Lauren is a senior studying environmental science, policy, and management as well as double minoring in leadership and communication studies. She holds a student position at the Institute on the Environment with Sustainability Education as well as with an art-science collaborative called Backyard Phenology that works closely with the Native American Medicine Garden to host talking/healing circles that contribute to the understanding of phenology and observation of the natural world. She is interested in the connections between leadership, communication, and sustainability as well as furthering her understanding of the social issues facing our world. In her free time, Lauren enjoys hiking, backpacking, traveling, concert-going, and working zero-waste events with Eureka Recycling.

Alexander Schmies

Alex is a senior majoring in Physics with an emphasis on biology and minoring in climatology. He works for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Outdoor Adventure as a trip leader. He takes groups of students on weekend camping trips and shows them how to safely enjoy the outdoors while adhering to Leave No Trace principles. In his free time he likes to travel as much as he is able to. Last summer, he visited Morocco. In addition to an eternal love of Moroccan ice cream, this experience lead to a research project he is conducting that is examining how the northern boundary of the Sahara Desert has changed over time.

Lena Brakel

Lena Brakel is a senior in the Bachelor of Individualized Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts. She’s studying a combination of Linguistics, German, and Political Science and Minoring in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management. She’s from Grand Forks, North Dakota and studied abroad in Germany as an exchange student before coming to Minnesota in 2015. She’s passionate about Environmental Justice and loves working with people, so she is super grateful and excited to be part of the Undergraduate Leaders Program with the Institute on the Environment!

Elizabeth McGraw

Libby has traveled to many different countries and observed firsthand how different cultures perceive, prioritize, and practice sustainability. She spent the 2017 spring semester in Tanzania studying the human-wildlife interface and researching the effects of climate change on agricultural practices. She has close ties with Francis Bettelyoun from the UMN Native American Medicine Garden, and has learned a tremendous deal about indigenous traditions, food sovereignty, and decolonization. She is involved with many clubs on campus including the Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology Club, the Marine Biology Club, and the Ski and Snowboard Club. These clubs provide her with a broad knowledge-base as well as a great network of classmates.

David Kodama

David is a sophomore in CSE studying Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering with minors in Environmental Policy and Sustainable Agriculture. Growing up in Chicago and its suburbs, he witnessed firsthand the great lengths people go through to get food on the table due to expensive products and expensive living. His focus is on making agriculture more sustainable by using less resources and using byproducts for other purposes like clean energy and building materials, so everyone can get cheap food and afford living comfortably wherever they reside. In high school, he built homemade hydroponic towers to test their ability to grow crops and vegetables in urban environments and presented on the towers in a conference. He is involved in many clubs like ASABE, SHPE, Energy Club, UMN Honors Ambassadors, and Sigma Pi Fraternity.

Mckenna Ryan

McKenna is a sophomore studying design, sustainability and Spanish through the inter-college program. While at the University, she has been involved in the student design consultancy DesignU in the research and strategy division and is on the planning team for 10,000 Makes, a 24 hour makeathon open to students across campus. In the fall, she enjoys playing trombone in the University’s marching band. She’s a huge fan of urban gardens, backpacking and being in new places. Traveling and learning about different cultures makes her heart absolutely sing! When she’s in school, she enjoys escaping the cities to sit by the Mississippi River and listen to the water rush by.

Melissa Markay

Melissa Markay will be a junior in the Carlson School of Management. She is pursuing a double major in Public and Nonprofit Management and Finance with a minor in Sustainability Studies. On campus, she is involved with a variety of organizations from IonE to Habitat for Humanity to the Weisman Art Museum. In her free time she loves anything outdoors, from kayaking to hammocking, photography, and shopping for vinyl.  Although she enjoyed spending my summer in London, she loved her time at the U of M and cannot wait to see what fall semester holds!

Jared Finnerty

Currently a Sophomore studying Sustainable Systems Management with a focus in Energy Systems. I was born and raised in Madison, New Jersey and found my passion for the environment and the outdoors during my time in the Boy Scouts of America where I became an Eagle Scout. Love watching sports and besides rooting for the Gophers, I’m a big Mets and Devils fan. Other hobbies include cycling, camping, listening to music, and eating food.

2015-2017 Participants

Rachel Kosse

Rachel Kosse is currently completing her master’s degree in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy at the Humphrey School. She graduated last spring from the College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources with a major in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management. Originally from Missouri, Rachel has always had a love for everything outdoors. This has inspired a passion to study the environment and tackle the most challenging issues today. Rachel conducts research with the Sustainable Healthy Cities Network learning about the food system and urban agriculture. She is also excited about sharing her passions through teaching and works as a teaching assistant in the ESPM department. Outside of work, Rachel loves staying active, backpacking, camping, hiking, anything to get outside.

Julia Olson

Julia Olson is an undergraduate in CBS majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, and minoring in Spanish and Wildlife Care and Handling. She is active in Compassionate Action for Animals, Earthtrust, Feline Rescue, Queer Student Advocates, and the West Bank Community Garden, and is currently a volunteer with the Packer Lion Lab.

Renne Baldwin

Renne is a third-year student pursuing undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Social and Ecological Perspectives on Sustainability. Renne wants to make a difference in the ways humans perceive the environment and wants to encourage people to spend more time learning about the natural world. She has interned with the National Park Service, worked as an Outdoor Leader with Wilderness Inquiry, and served as an educator for a camp in New Mexico and a museum in New Hampshire. She is spending Fall 2017 in Bhutan studying sustainable development and will be studying public lands and indigenous knowledge in Utah during Spring 2018. In her spare time, Renne enjoys running, rock climbing, birding, and backpacking.

Sydney Larson

Sydney is pursuing her undergraduate degree in environmental science with a minor in Spanish. She is passionate about local food systems and very interested in the intersections between art and ecology. She is currently an Admissions Ambassador through the Office of Admissions and a research assistant in the Center for Dendrochronology. To combine her love for music and community outreach, she volunteers regularly at The Cedar Cultural Center, helping serve their mission to promote intercultural appreciation and understanding through global music and dance. In the future, Sydney hopes to obtain her M.B.A. and pursue a career in corporate social responsibility, working to create value by participating in collaborative efforts that will strengthen economies and communities while protecting the environment.

Bradley Ni

I scribble, speak words, listen to spoken word, listen to podcasts, travel, write letters,  read fiction, attempt to read non-fiction, cook, avoid baking, sing when no one is listening, sing when everyone is listening, dance, attempt to dance, ride anything with a board, debate, daydream, and listen…

Erica Chung

Erica majored in Biology at the University of Minnesota and participated in the IonE Undergrad Leaders Program during her senior year at the University of Minnesota. The program provided her with a wonderful group of individuals who were also passionate about the well-being of the environment.  Since then, she has continued on for a Masters of Public Health program at Columbia University.

James Butler

James Butler is currently a senior studying environmental engineering and minoring in chemistry. He participated in the Institute on the Environment Undergrads Leader Program as a freshman. Originally from St. Joseph, MO, his years as a Boy Scout fostered his unrelenting environmentalism and interest in environmental justice. He spent the summer of 2017 interning for the Indian Health Service in Bemidji, MN working to improve the water and wastewater systems of Minnesota’s indigenous peoples. James would like to attend graduate school and conduct research on how air pollution affects society’s most disadvantaged and marginalized communities, especially in urban areas. He hopes this research may advance public policy and create more sustainable and equitable cities.

Mallory Thomas

Mallory graduated from the College of Biological Sciences’ Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior with a minor in sustainability studies. Her areas of interest include using research of ecological interactions to develop sustainable resource usage at an industry level and sustainable lifestyles at a social level. Mallory was a member of the CBS Student Board, serves on the CBS Learning Technologies Committee and contributes to research in the Snell-Rood laboratory. She also enjoys talking about her experience as a student studying sustainability in Denmark. In the future Mallory hopes to pursue a Ph.D. with a focus on ecosystem ecology, communicate the importance of science to the public and learn Spanish. Some of Mallory’s favorite things outside of school include her four younger brothers, Birch Lake, ranting about social justice and brunch.

Justin Halverson

Justin Halverson is a musician, organizer, poet and senior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. He majors in music, which he ties into his interest in the intersection of social, environmental and economic assets that benefit communities in creative ways. He is currently a leader of the West Bank Community Garden and is working with local activists and organizations to draft state legislation that funds the growth of community rain gardens. His other experience include working with multiple equity and sustainability organizations across the University of Minnesota campus, as well as Face Forward, Spark-Y Youth Action Labs, Project Sweetie Pie and the St. Paul School of Rock. Justin collaborates with local spoken word artists, plays bass in a number of bands and leads his own group. He envisions bringing people together around the intersection of art, nature and change that will transition us into a world that feels softer, smells like the seasons and moves just a little bit slower.

Kyle Samejima

Kyle is a nontraditional student working on her bachelor of individualized studies in environmental communication with concentrations in sustainability, communication studies and mass communication. She plans to work in a nonprofit or government position, creating environmental advocacy campaigns that excite, engage and empower citizens to make the systemic and personal changes necessary in the age of climate change and the Anthropocene. She is interested in the tension between climate change mitigation and adaptation and the role of our economic system in destroying or preserving our planet, and she traveled to Italy in May 2015 for the Sustainable Food Systems of Italy study abroad program.
Kyle’s favorite things are her three daughters, weather, being a good environmental steward, friends, making jewelry, and the awe and excitement of learning about our natural world. Her favorite books right now are Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond; This Changes Everything: Climate Change vs Capitalism by Naomi Klein; and Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone.

Jessica Eckerstorfer

Jessica Eckerstorfer graduated with an English and philosophy double major with a concentration in civic life and ethics. She is currently working with Free Arts Minnesota through the Art Connection Grant to bring local youth artwork to various venues in the Twin Cities. Her research focuses on environmental ethics and the links between the humanities and the environment, as well as consumer language and ecofeminism. In her spare time, Jessica continues to grow her mounting book collection, play the piano, spend time as an amateur photographer and bike around the Twin Cities.

Moriah Maternoski

Moriah graduated with a degree in food systems. She wants to make a difference in the food system by gathering people from all backgrounds and providing them with the ability to know how to cook nutritious and healthy foods as well as grow them. Additionally, she wants to increase the amount of locally sourced food in her city by enhancing local communities and economies. She is currently a member of the Real Food Challenge leadership team — a group working to get more local, fair, sustainable and humane food on campus. One of her favorite pastimes is running and racing, and she also loves to cook while perusing the internet for new recipes.

Tyler Redden

Tyler Redden maintains office operations and publication orders for the Publications Office at the Institute on Community Integration, as well as providing general office and administrative support. Since October 2012 Tyler has worked in offices at the University, including the Carlson School of Management (IDSc/SME), School of Social Work, Center for Transportation Studies, Chemical Engineering and Material Sciences, and the Health Natural Sciences Libraries (with two years of prior experience working in retail banking). Tyler is a biology, society and the environment major with a concentration on the environment. Tyler is also a double minor in gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender studies and sustainability studies, and is pursuing American Sign Language interpreting certification. Through the GLBTA Programs Office Tyler is listed as a staff and student resource due to his work in the GLBT mentoring program.

Kristen Peterson

Kristen majored in Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management at the University of Minnesota, participating in the Undergraduate Leaders Program during her senior year. Her interest in sustainability stems from a lifelong love of swimming, hiking, and exploring natural spaces.

While in school, Kristen interned at Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve and worked on a variety of ecological research projects through the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. Later, Kristen became more interested in sustainability while studying in Montpellier, France, a city known for its excellent public transportation system. This led her to spend over a year working at Metro Transit in the Twin Cities, where she led employee Green Teams, worked on environmental review for new light rail projects, and implemented a new waste management system to improve recycling rates. Today, Kristen works with the Sustainable Communities team at the Great Plains Institute in Minneapolis.

Away from the office, Kristen likes to spend her time rock climbing, cooking, thinking, speaking French, asking questions, and swimming in as many different lakes and streams as she can find.