Past Undergraduate Leader’s Projects

Leader's Projects

Anna Stalsberg, Tora Husar, Zhaxou Sui and Tamar Maldonado (20-21) – Story mapping, grant writing and website design for Project Sweetie Pie.

Keeli Siyaka, Brianna Barkema, Joanna Wu, & Cynthia Yang (20-21) – Curating University Research for the
MN 2020 Water Plan

Asha Kaliappan, Brita Larsen, Mason Padilla, and Pavan Guttipatti (20-21)- Food Scarcity Assessment and Equity Mapping in Minneapolis.

Katie LeGare, Jacqueline Jobin, Ethan Cypull, Lily Heiting, Bradley Luchsinger, Hailey Peterson, and George Masson created a story map outlining their research to identify locations for small-scale solar installations that can produce energy and provide habitat for pollinators. Their video presentation of their research is below.

Rosa Dunn, Charlie Kidder, Sandy Zhang, Xiaohang Zhi, and Muna Al Zubaydi worked on increasing awarness of green energy jobs and training with a community partner, Renewable Energy Partners. Read their summary below.

The solar energy industry is growing quickly, much like other forms of renewable energy. Through solar energy’s expansion comes job opportunities and economic growth that must be made accessible for all. Renewable Energy Partners (REP) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise based in North Minneapolis. It is working to develop community solar projects and provide training and career development opportunities accessible to the urban core of the Twin Cities. REP is committed to tackling climate change by increasing renewable energy output and building community resilience. It is working in collaboration with the Institute on Environment to implement the Minneapolis Microgrid, an effort to research communal energy storage with an emphasis on school partnerships and green job training. 

Our project is a multimedia presentation, designed to increase awareness and understanding of training and job opportunities in green energy. It is intended for youth audiences including Minneapolis Public School students. Its importance lies in the current disconnect between public knowledge on solar energy and the opportunities it provides. We will focus on developing community resilience in North Minneapolis, an area that has been historically underserved by the city. We will display Renewable Energy Partner’s proposal of equity through innovation.

Throughout this academic year, we completed several powerpoints that could be used in a classroom setting to explain environmental injustice and community resilience. We visited the REP training center to film an interview with Jamez Staples, REP founder and CEO. We also gathered facility footage via drone. This summer, several IonE employees will be editing this footage to create a concise educational video supporting our project.

Katie LeGare, Karly Beaumont, and Bernardo Guarderas (2019-20) – Community Organizing for the BWCA. Read their reflection here.

Chandra Her and Jennifer Rosauer (2019-20)- Green Gentrification in the St. Paul Neighborhoods of Rondo and Frogtown. View their full presentation here.

Lilli Ambort (2019-20)- Textile Recycling and Clothing Donations on Campus. View their pamphlet here.

Elizabeth Marti (2018-19) – Sustainability 1001 course ideation and research. Check out her blog here

Christina Lundgren and Emily Worman (2018-19)- A video about environmental justice for the UMN community.

Elizabeth Joncas and Sarah Eyer (2018-19) – Organic Recycling initiative in Stadium Village. Look at their organics recycling guide here.

Lauren Schultz (2015-16)– Re imagining the American dream through tiny houses. Check out the blog post here. 

Multiple students (2014-15)- Film Series with a sustainability theme. Check out a blog on film series by a past undergraduate leader.

Maggie Kristian (2014-15)- blog entry based on their interview with someone they thought was a change agent.