Past Undergraduate Leader’s Projects

Katie LeGare, Karly Beaumont, and Bernardo Guarderas (2019-20) – Community Organizing for the BWCA. Read their reflection here.

Chandra Her and Jennifer Rosauer (2019-20)- Green Gentrification in the St. Paul Neighborhoods of Rondo and Frogtown. View their full presentation here.

Lilli Ambort (2019-20)- Textile Recycling and Clothing Donations on Campus. View their pamphlet here.

Elizabeth Marti (2018-19) – Sustainability 1001 course ideation and research. Check out her blog here

Christina Lundgren and Emily Worman (2018-19)- A video about environmental justice for the UMN community.

Elizabeth Joncas and Sarah Eyer (2018-19) – Organic Recycling initiative in Stadium Village. Look at their organics recycling guide here.

Lauren Schultz (2015-16)– Re imagining the American dream through tiny houses. Check out the blog post here. 

Multiple students (2014-15)- Film Series with a sustainability theme. Check out a blog on film series by a past undergraduate leader.

Maggie Kristian (2014-15)- blog entry based on their interview with someone they thought was a change agent.