SUST 4096 Sustainability Internship

The Sustainability Internship course, SUST 4096, will be offered in Spring 2017.

  • Work on a sustainability project at a non-profit, business, local government or on campus.
  • Students can apply for internships identified by the course instructors, arrange an internship on their own (with the approval of the instructors), or propose a leadership project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
  • Be part of a supportive cohort for developing professional and leadership skills & exploring strategies for leading social change in regards to sustainability.

Thursdays 4-5:15 PM, 320 Lind Hall (East Bank), 10 class periods throughout the semester

Instructors from the Institute on the Environment: Mary Oldham Hannemann & Megan Voorhees

Credits: 2-4 (Hours associated with internship varies from 2 credits = 4 hours/wk, 3 credits = 7 hours/wk, 4 credits = 10 hours/wk). Class time and coursework will require another 30 hours of student time throughout the semester.

Contact Mary Oldham Hannemann <> or Megan Voorhees <> with any questions.