SUST 3480/5480 COVID-19 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:  Resilience, Connections, and Threats

How are sustainability & global pandemics connected?  Join us this summer to hear from interdisciplinary experts, explore systems thinking and plan for a more resilient future.

SUST 3480/5480 is a brand new online, 3 credit course offered in Summer 2020 (June 8 to July 31). Instructors Mary Hannemann and Professor Katy Chapman will lead students on an exploration of how sustainability is key to our resilience in the face of crises like COVID-19. 

This course includes required class meetings at 11 am on Mondays with additional work completed outside of class. Students from all UMN campuses may enroll in the course. Learn more about multi-institution enrollment here

“Everything is connected and in one way or another related to health. We can choose to live in ways that destroy or protect our health and the health of future generations. Which will it be?” -Teddie Potter PhD, RN, FAAN

Thanks to student interest, SUST 5480 is now being offered for graduate students in conjunction with SUST 3480.

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