The Institute on the Environment offers graduate students and postdoctoral scholars a range of exceptional leadership development opportunities.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships

The University of Minnesota's Graduate School awards Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships to outstanding graduate students whose current or proposed dissertation topics are interdisciplinary and who would benefit from interaction with faculty at one of the U of M-wide, interdisciplinary research centers or institutes. Students interested in hosting their IDF at the Institute on the Environment must submit a copy of their IDF application package to the Institute and demonstrate how being hosted at IonE and working with one of our resident fellows or IonE grant principal investigators would enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the thesis work. Learn more.

Global Renewable Energy Leadership Fellowships

Global Renewable Energy Leadership Fellows design and carry out forward-thinking research on sustainable energy systems in partnership with other academic, industrial or nongovernmental partners—particularly in other parts of the world. Global Renewable Energy Leadership Fellows typically have a doctoral degree or equivalent in engineering, earth and environmental sciences; energy-related fields of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics; economics; or environmental architecture and design. Learn more

Global Environmental Leadership Fellowships

Global Environmental Leadership Fellows pursue world-class research to develop solutions to pressing global issues, such as land use and ecosystem management, global food security, freshwater resources, climate change adaptation, emerging diseases and links between population & development. Fellowships focus on three core areas: land use, ecosystem change, agriculture & food security; freshwater systems and water security; and the intersection of environment, population and development. Learn more

NorthStar Fellowships

NorthStar Fellows manage cutting-edge, stakeholder-driven research projects through the NorthStar Consortium, a unique collaborative of corporate, nonprofit, government and university participants. Responsibilities include helping design, implement and evaluate research projects and preparing and presenting reports, conference papers, publications and more. NorthStar Fellows typically have a strong background in industrial ecology, energy/environmental policy, corporate sustainability, environmental sociology, systems analytics, sciences, engineering or law. Learn more