Out With the Old, in With the New

We asked experts from across the country a deceptively simple question: If America invests $15 billion a year in clean energy for the next decade, where will we get the most bang for the buck? Rather than a list of green gadgets or alternative fuels, the answers include a set of loose principles that can see us at least through the end of oil and into a post-fossil fuels society. The premises of this energy doctrine are efficiency, decentralization and integration. More>>


Common Interests

The history and early successes of the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment have set the stage for renewed interest.
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Meet the Press

Minnesota media veterans examine the role the press plays, or doesn't play, in shaping society’s views on environmental issues.
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Investing in Innovation

The future is now for Piper Jaffray, one of Minnesota’s oldest investment firms, in the clean technology and renewable energy sectors.
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Connections: Making Waves

Tom Johnson’s work at the University of Minnesota, Duluth's Large Lakes Observatory reads like a book on the paleoclimate record. A thriller, actually.
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Equal Opp. Environment

Urban revitalization strategist Majora Carter shares her secrets to confronting poverty, health and climate change issues simultaneously.
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Nuclear Reactions

The heads of Exelon Corporation and the Union of Concerned Scientist’s Clean Energy Program offer two takes on nuclear power.
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Voices: Deal or No Deal

During this economic downturn, should Congress make a near-trillion dollar public investment in a Green New Deal? Steve Kelley responds.
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