On the Edge of the Future

With the world population headed for 9 billion-plus by 2050, many cities in the global North are trying to confront decades of neglecting basic infrastructure. Meanwhile, billions of people in the cities of the global South have never had clean drinking water and effective sanitation. The North could learn from the “disadvantaged” cities of the South—that it’s possible to do a lot of social, economic and environmental good with very, very little. More>>

The River's Return

The River's Return

Land managers from across the region are pursuing two sometimes conflicting goals in the name of smart and sustainable river development.
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Living with the Grid

Living With the Grid

From the West Wing to West St. Paul, solar and its clean energy counterparts aren't just for "off-gridders" anymore. Clearly, solar has come of age.
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Seeing is Believing

The Science Museum of Minnesota's Pat Hamilton looks for what the general public needs to see. Then he helps them to see it.
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Whole Village, Whole Planet

Two University of Minnesota researchers are working to turn the tide on poverty and environmental destruction in rural Tanzania.
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Standout: A New Hope

Author Alan Weisman speaks frankly about his books, sustainable cities and the folly of converting wetlands to playgrounds.
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ViewpointsViewpoints: Building Blocks

Some say the LEED certification process is too expensive and bureaucratic. Two experts look at the issue from different angles.
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Voices: Shifting Gears

The road to a better transportation infrastructure is long, but we’re heading in the right direction. Here’s a snapshot of progress to date.
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