Polar Energy

Thanks to how the earth’s axis angles relative to its path around the sun, those of us who live beyond 45 degrees north latitude have learned to get by on relatively little solar input at least half of each year. Yet, as concerns over energy security, fossil fuel prices and global warming grow, northlanders, like others, are increasingly interested in exploiting the sun’s energy for everything from heating our homes to powering our iPhones. But is it reasonable? Absolutely. More >>

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure

By bringing the Arctic into the classroom, the GoNorth! program is changing the world—one dogsled adventure at a time. More>>


A Survival Guide to Geoengineering

A Survival Guide to Geoengineering

While we know geoengineering would be enormously risky, we’re likely to try it anyway. Here’s a road map for managing the risks. More>>

Certified Confusion

Certified Confusion

Recycled, organic, natural, biodegradable… Welcome to the murky world of green marketing. Fortunately, the fog is beginning to clear. More>>


Community: Charting the Frozen Continent

Thanks to the Antarctic Geospatial Information Center, scientists have a picture-perfect view of life in the very deep south. More>>


Connections: Geothermal's Heated Exchange

Martin Saar and his fellow University of Minnesota researchers aim to build up geothermal’s potential by pushing down carbon dioxide. More>>


Will Power

Fresh from "Expedition Copenhagen," polar explorer Will Steger shares his thoughts on the conference and climate change in polar regions. More>>


Viewpoints: The New Environmentalism

The Breakthrough Institute's Ted Nordhaus and the NRDC's Dale Bryk offer different takes on the future of environmentalism. More>>


Voices: Clean-Tech After Copenhagen

Berkeley professor and energy policy guru Daniel Kammen weighs in on clean-tech and renewables in an uncertain climate. More>>