All Consuming

More than 150 human beings are added to this planet each minute. Our use of Earth’s resources is growing even faster, quadrupling over the past half century while the number of people doubled. Where are population and consumption headed – and where do they need to be to sustain the systems that sustain us? More >>

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Girl Empower

Girl Empower

Education, a voice and a chance enhance the well-being of individual girls. Growing evidence suggests they yield economic and societal benefits, too. More >> | Related: Missing Sisters

[Photo: Santiago Urquijo]


The Big One

The Big One

Pandemics have occurred throughout history. As mobility increases, so does the opportunity for new outbreaks. In advance of the next Big One, this visual feature looks back at pandemics of the past. More >>

Second Hand

Second Hand

Six environmental artists speak to our relationship with the world around us—and the stuff with which we clutter it.
More >>


In Defense of Food

Keeping food safe from terrorist attack is the focus of the U of M–based National Center for Food Protection and Defense. More >>


Connections: The Revolution Will be Quantified

The Minnesota Population Center is changing the way we see the world with the help of an amazing database series. More >>

Eye on Earth

The Long View

U.N. Foundation president Timothy Wirth provides the long view on complex environmental and population issues. More >>


Food Fight

A political scientist and an ecologist offer two different recipes for achieving global food security while protecting the environment. More >>


Bomb Squad

Paul Ehrlich, Bjørn Lomborg and Hans Rosling share their views on environment and population. More >>