Where Does It Hurt?

The punch climate change packs varies from one country, region or continent to another. DARA, a Madrid-based humanitarian advocacy organization, recently partnered with the Climate Vulnerable Forum, comprising countries particularly vulnerable to climate change, to create Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010, an atlas of vulnerability. This infographic presents a small portion of the picture the Climate Vulnerability Monitor paints.

Vulnerability is grouped into four categories: health impacts, weather disasters, habitat loss and economic stress. Circles on the left side of each set indicate relative magnitude of vulnerability in 2010. Circles on the right indicate the same for 2030.

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Data source: Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010: The State of Climate Crisis, published in December 2010 by DARA (daraint.org). Used with permission.

Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010

DARA, an independent organization committed to improving aid for vulnerable populations suffering from conflict, disasters and climate change, provides a visual view of the vulnerability of countries around the world to various dimensions of climate change and outlines ways to limit adverse impacts. Read the report