For Great Lakes' Sakes

Just 10 lakes hold the bulk of Earth’s freshwater resource. Collaborating across countries and continents, scientists are working to protect them from exotic species, pollutants climate change and other threats.
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World Without Oil

With fewer than 1.3 trillion barrels of oil left in current reserves, we’re setting ourselves up for a crude awakening.

Facing up to Phosphorus

Both devastatingly scarce and detrimentally abundant, this plant nutrient is in need of strategic attention.

Chemistry Goes Green

How can we ensure the molecules we make do more good than harm? Related: Pioneering Polymers |
Video: Adding Value through Green Chemistry

In Focus

In Focus

Conservation is complex along Borneo’s Lamandau River.
Slide Show:
The People of Lamandau River



Mother Nature's Pest-B-Gone

George Heimpel is looking to little wasps to reduce the need for pesticides.
Eating Aphids from the Inside Out


Closing the Loop on E-Waste

Best Buy’s drop-off program has made it one of the largest collectors of e-waste in the U.S.
Best Buy sustainability report


Sandra Postel

Global Water Policy Project founder Sandra Postel speaks up for freshwater. Related: Extended interview | Video: TED Presentation


Power Play

As renewables hit the grid, what role will distributed generation play in our collective energy future?

Scientist's Soapbox

Scientist's Soapbox:
Fuelish Choices

Brazil’s biofuels debate is bigger than that. Related: Extended Article |
Slide Show
: IATP Fact Finding Mission


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