Frontiers in the Environment: Fall/Winter 2009

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Sept. 23
“The Other Inconvenient Truth: Feeding and Fueling the World”
Jonathan Foley (bio)
Director, Institute on the Environment
Foley’s archived presentation

Sept. 30
“Resilience in the (Designed) Environment”
Thomas Fisher (article)
Dean, College of Design
Fisher’s archived presentation

Oct. 7
“Solar After Dark: Storage Options”
Jane Davidson (bio)
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Davidson’s archived presentation

Oct. 14
“Food, Energy and Global Climate: Solving the Trilemma”
David Tilman (bio)
Professor, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Tilman’s archived presentation

Oct. 21
“Fixing our Toxics Problem: Ivory Tower or White Castle?”
Deborah Swackhamer (bio)
Co-director, Water Resources Center
Swackhamer's archived presentation

Oct. 28
“Mind the Gap: Building Bridges to Mainstream the Value of Ecosystem Services in Everyday Decisions”
Stephen Polasky (bio)
Professor, Applied Economics/Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Polasky's archived presentation

Nov. 4
“Plastics from Plants: Tomorrow’s Advanced Materials”
Marc Hillmyer (research group)
Professor, Chemistry
Hillmyer's archived presentation

Nov. 11
“Mud in the Eye of the Beholder: Unraveling Climate Past and Future in the African Tropics”
Tom Johnson (bio)
Professor, Large Lakes Observatory
Johnson's archived presentation

Nov. 18
“Does Scale Exist?”
Steven Manson (bio)
Associate Professor, Geography
Manson's archived presentation

Dec. 2
“What Happens When 4,000+ Classrooms in 30 Countries Explore the Arctic Together?: Environmental Stewardship”
Aaron Doering (bio)
Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Doering's archived presentation

Dec. 9
"Sustainable Cities: Urban Design for Human Health and the Environment"
Julian Marshall (bio)
Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering
Marshall's archived presentation