Below are the most recent videos produced by the Institute on the Environment. Please visit the IonE YouTube Channel to view all of the videos.

Big Question: Can we make plastics sustainable?

Plastics are a vital part of our lives, but they also are rife with adverse environmental impacts. In this video we explore how we can enjoy the benefits of plastics and keep our planet healthy, too. Watch the video

Water for Mulobere

As part of an Engineers Without Borders project, a student group designed, built and installed a solar-powered water supply system for a school and its surrounding community in Mulobere, Uganda. Watch the video

60-Second IonE

Institute on the Environment—what's that all about? In just one minute, this video will give you the answer. Watch the video

Big Question: What is Nature Worth?

Plants, animals, even entire ecosystems are disappearing. So what? In “What Is Nature Worth?”, the Institute offers a three-minute look at what biodiversity loss is really costing us—and what we can do about it. Watch the video

Environment + Entrepreneurship = NISE Idea

The NorthStar Initiative is collaborating with industries, governments and individuals to solve sustainability challenges through stakeholder-driven research. Watch the video

Lake Superior & Climate Change: Part 2

Experts at the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus explain how Lake Superior is responding to climate change, coupled with the impact of human activity. Watch the video

IonE YouTube Channel

IonE YouTube Channel

The Institute on the Environment has produced more than 25 videos on environmental topics. visit our YouTube Channel to view all of the videos.