Institute on the Environment receives $1.35 million gift

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MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (6/11/2009) -- The University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment has received an anonymous gift of $1.35 million to support new projects across a range of topics, including water quality, land use and other issues surrounding environmental sustainability.

The funds will be placed in an endowment and spent at the discretion of the Institute director, Jonathan Foley.

“We are extremely thankful to this generous donor for her vision and thoughtfulness,” says Foley. “These funds will help us jump-start new, creative projects across the university in the coming years, propelling the U of M forward as a leader in environmental innovation and solutions. We’re honored that she chose to create a legacy of this work at the Institute of the Environment.”

The donor cared deeply for the natural environment, both its health and beauty, and wanted the bequest to further environmental scholarship and education at the U of M.