Partnerships & Engagement

Global environmental challenges can’t be solved by academics alone. The complexity and magnitude of the issues we face today need the attention of diverse partners working together across disciplines, sectors and continents to capitalize on synergies and envision and carry out transformative solutions.

  • NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise
    NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise
    NiSE works with the private sector to develop sustainable solutions to production and consumption challenges — reducing adverse impacts and accelerating innovation to meet growing demand for materials and energy.
  • Ensia Magazine
    Ensia Magazine
    Ensia is an independent magazine powered by IonE. Cutting across disciplines, ideologies, sectors and continents, Ensia connects people who can change the world with ideas, information and inspiration they can use to shape a more sustainable planet.
  • Earthducation
    The IonE-sponsored Earthducation adventure learning program is traveling to climate hotspots on all seven continents in search of local answers to two questions: “What is education?” and “How can education advance sustainability?”
  • Science on a Sphere
    Science Museum of Minnesota Partnership
    In collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota, we’re creating exhibits, films and programs for a wide array of audiences about the challenges and opportunities of living on a planet where humanity now is the dominant agent of global change.