Engaging Partners

Today’s environmental challenges can’t be solved in a vacuum. Their sheer magnitude and complexity demand we bring a spectrum of partners to the table and work together across disciplines, sectors and continents to capitalize on synergies and envision and carry out transformative solutions.

Building Partnerships

Partnership is at the heart of nearly all of IonE’s activities. By linking our work with that of leaders in the business, investment, media and nonprofit sectors, we’re building synergies and creating conduits for sharing Minnesota innovation with the world while growing new opportunities at home. Learn more

Engagement Activities

Today’s grand environmental challenges affect each of us, and each of us has a part to play in creating the solutions that will transform our troubled world into a thriving planet. IonE engages individuals of all backgrounds and interests in conversation and action to advance global sustainability. Learn more

Become a Partner

Providing for the basic needs of a rapidly growing population while protecting the systems that sustain all living things is one of the greatest challenges our species has ever faced. To meet this challenge, we need everyone at the table, from activists and academics to conservationists and corporate leaders. Learn more