Boreal Forest and Community Resilience

Northern forests and communities face substantial economic, environmental and social changes. What will happen as the climate shifts, people move, markets slow or insects attack? As we face uncertainty, what can we do to ensure a future that integrates healthy ecosystems, vibrant culture and stable economies?


The Boreal Forest and Community Resilience Project promotes community and ecosystem resilience in the context of uncertainty through diverse partnership, research, creative visioning and planning.

Project Area

Northern Minnesota’s boreal forest

Project Components

  • Partnership: Collaborate with diverse partners to promote social, economic and environmental resilience.
  • Research: Enhance understanding of human and natural systems by analyzing ecosystem services, social institutions, risks and drivers of change.
  • Stakeholder Workshops: Foster creative thinking and collaboration through exercises that explore the interconnections of human and natural systems and ways of coping with unpredictable and dynamic change.
  • Adaptive Landscape Management Planning: Collaboratively design and implement strategies that help communities and ecosystems adapt to new and changing conditions.

The Boreal Forest and Community Resilience Project provides communities, resource managers and organizations with an opportunity to form partnerships, identify emerging challenges and explore approaches for dealing with change and complexity.

Project Lead