We’re dedicated to understanding freshwater resources such as large lakes and rivers in a changing world.


River Life

River Life

River Life uses social media, a digital atlas and case study reports to develop and share knowledge on the science and professional practices that create inclusive, sustainable rivers. We discuss science, planning, engagement, inclusion,sustainability and river issues in a spatial, thoughtful and timely manner.
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Global Great Lakes

Global Great Lakes

The Large Lakes Observatory is working to identify meaningful metrics of ecosystem health; improve the capacity to monitor and model these metrics in real-time or near real-time, with an initial focus on the western arm of Lake Superior; and develop the capacity to anticipate pressing environmental issues.
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Improving Urban Vegetation

Improving Urban Vegetation for Water Quality

To help maximize the benefits of urban vegetation, researchers are exploring forces that shape vegetation management in cities and assessing how vegetation management affects aquatic ecosystems and the ecosystem services they provide.
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Mapping Water

Mapping Water: Global Challenge, Local Solutions

We’re supporting researchers who are developing a framework for integrating public data from multiple sources to predict local water quality, supply and movement in an easily accessible digital environment.
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