Discovery Grants

With this program, the IonE aims to launch cutting-edge research activities with a one-time investment of venture capital funding. We look for projects that will make a major difference in research and discovery. Learn more

Resident Fellowships

This program provides flexible funds for scholars to engage in innovative research and problem solving and pursue leadership training. Resident fellowships are open to faculty on all University of Minnesota campuses. Learn more

Mini Grants

IonE Mini Grants are intended to help spur new collaborative efforts by providing small amounts of funding and space (for meetings, small conferences, new courses, reading groups, etc.) to interdisciplinary groups of faculty, staff and students from across the University system. The grants are meant to encourage collaboration across disciplines, units or campuses at the University of Minnesota. Learn more

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships

The University of Minnesota's Graduate School awards Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships to outstanding graduate students whose current or proposed dissertation topics are interdisciplinary and who would benefit from interaction with faculty at one of the U of M-wide, interdisciplinary research centers or institutes. Students interested in hosting their IDF at IonE must submit a copy of their IDF application package to the Institute and demonstrate how being hosted at IonE and working with one of our resident fellows or IonE grant principal investigators would enhance the interdisciplinary nature of the thesis work. Learn more

GPS Alliance Global Spotlight Grant

The GPS Alliance Global Spotlight Grant is for University of Minnesota faculty, graduate students and professional degree students to support innovative research and the continued development of a global network of engagement and scholarship across the University. Learn more

Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (SISCA)

Graduate students: Are you up for a challenge? The Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (SISCA), a program of IonE and the Dow Chemical Company, recognizes and rewards students and universities for innovation and research that encourages and promotes sustainable solutions to the world's most pressing social, economic and environmental problems. Learn more