Food & Land Use

We’re tackling issues related to land use, deforestation, agriculture and food security from local to global scales.


Global Landscapes Initiative

Global Landscapes Initiative

Through the Global Landscapes Initiative (GLI), the Institute on the Environment is working to understand extreme land use changes, to improve our ability to balance human needs with environmental stewardship, and to promote secure landscapes across the globe.
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Natrual Capital Project

Natural Capital Project

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are working with Stanford University, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, several government agencies and other entities to develop new approaches to integrating economics and ecology—with a focus on how to assess the value of ecosystem goods and services.
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Plant Data Synthesis

Plant Data Synthesis

Researchers are addressing problems in database management, data mining and statistics, ecological scaling, biodiversity science, ecological extrapolation, and global carbon cycle modeling to create an integrated database of plant information.
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Boreal Forest Project

The Boreal Forest & Community Resilience Project

The Boreal Forest and Community Resilience Project is promoting community and ecosystem resilience in the context of uncertainty through diverse partnership, research, creative visioning and planning.
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