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A dabbler by nature, Andrew is never content just doing one thing. Since joining the Energy Transition Lab, he has assisted in both qualitative and quantitative research, continuously improved the ETL website, and produced videos for the Institute on the Environment. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy, with an undergraduate in Operations Management and Communication Arts, he is working towards uniting his passions for analysis, informal education, and systems thinking–which lately, has been directed towards designing policy-themed board games with the Acara Changemakers Lab. At the Humphrey School, Andrew is one of the co-leads of the Gender, Sex, and Policy Events Committee (GSPEC) and this summer helped revive the Twin Cities Chapter of Science for the People. As a first-generation student, raised on the edge of the rural/suburban divide in WI, he identifies with the plight of ordinary folks who worry more about their utility bill than their energy source.