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Eric Lonsdorf is a lead scientist with the Natural Capital Project— a collaborative partnership among the University of Minnesota, Stanford University, the Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund. Eric develops ecological models for decision-makers faced with making decisions in conservation biology and natural resource management under considerable uncertainty with limited resources. Specifically, he leads development and application of a model to predict crop pollination services provided by wild bees, works with government and non-governmental organizations to develop options of compensatory mitigation for incidental take of golden eagles by wind turbine facilities, and is interested in applying principles of adaptive management to ecosystem service–based land management. Ultimately, he thinks of conservation management problems like a business problem where a species or community or ecosystem function of concern is a commodity to be produced with the greatest certainty and managed at the least cost. Eric earned his Ph.D. in ecology, evolution and behavior from the University of Minnesota. He lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with his wife, daughter and son.

Selected publications

Lonsdorf, E. V., W. E. Thogmartin, S. K. Jacobi, K. Aagaard, J. Coppen, A. Davis, T. Fox, P. Heglund, R. Johnson, T. Jones, K. Kenow, J. Lyons, K. Luke, S. Still and B. Tavernia.  2016. A generalizable energetics-based model of avian migration to facilitate continental-scale waterbird conservation. Ecological Applications 26: 1136-1153.

M’Gonigle, L. K., N. M. Williams, E. Lonsdorf and C. Kremen. 2016. A tool for selecting plants when restoring habitat for pollinators. Conservation Letters.  DOI: 10.1111/conl.12261.

Koh, I., E. V. Lonsdorf, N. Williams, C. Brittain, R. Isaacs, J. Gibbs and T. H. Ricketts.  2016. Modeling the status, trends, and impacts of wild bee abundance in the United StatesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113: 140-145.

Drum, R. G., C. A. Ribic, K. Koch, E. V. Lonsdorf, E. Grant, M. Ahlering, L. Barnhill, T. Dailey, S. Lor, C. Mueller, D. C. Pavlacky, Jr., C. Rideout and D. Sample. 2015. Strategic grassland bird conservation throughout the annual cycle: linking policy alternatives, landowner decisions, and biological population outcomesPLoS One 10: e0142525.

Cochrane, J. F., E. V. Lonsdorf, T. D. Allison, and C. A. Sanders-Reed. 2015. Modeling with uncertain science: estimating mitigation credits from abating lead poisoning in golden eagles. Ecological Applications 25: 1518-1533.

Current projects

“CRP Land Management and Pollinator Health.” E. Lonsdorf (Co-PI), Amelie Davis (Co-PI). Sponsor: USDA-Economic Research Service.  7/1/15–12/31/17.

“Testing the effects of phylogenetic diversity on restoration outcomes in tallgrass prairie.” E. Lonsdorf (Co-PI), D. Larkin (PI). Sponsor: National Science Foundation. 9/1/14–8/31/19.

“Development of options for golden eagle wind turbine compensatory mitigation.” E. Lonsdorf (PI). Sponsor: American Wind Wildlife Institute. 5/1/14–12/31/17.

“Developing Sustainable Pollination Strategies for U.S. Specialty Crops.” E. Lonsdorf (Co-PI), R. Isaacs (PI), N. Williams (co-PI), T. Pitts-Singer (co-PI), K. Garbach (co-PI), Mace Vaughan (co-PI), T. Ricketts (co-PI).  Sponsor: USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 9/1/12–8/31/17.