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Dr. Eric V. Lonsdorf (he/him) is a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. The applied research teams he joins focus their efforts on identifying and filling knowledge gaps that help decision-makers create more sustainable landscapes and conserve biodiversity. His publications and research interests focus on the use of structured decision making in natural resource management, and the integration of ecosystem services into landscape planning in agricultural and urban systems. IonE is a founding partner of Natural Capital Project, and Dr. Lonsdorf led development of the pollination service model that is part of NatCap’s InVEST software suite and currently co-leads its sustainable, livable cities program. Dr. Lonsdorf is a global affiliate of the Gund Institute for Environment and has a doctorate in ecology, evolution and behavior from the University of Minnesota.

Recent publications

Smith, D., A. Davis, C. Hitaj, D. Hellerstein, A. Preslicka, E. Kogge, D. Mushet, and E. Lonsdorf. 2021. The contribution of land cover change to the decline of honey yields in the Northern Great Plains. Environmental Research Letters 16:064050.

Hamel, P., A. D. Guerry, S. Polasky, B. Han, J. A. Douglass, M. Hamann, B. Janke, J. J. Kuiper, H. Levrel, H. Liu, E. Lonsdorf, R. I. McDonald, C. Nootenboom, Z. Ouyang, R. P. Remme, R. P. Sharp, L. Tardieu, V. Viguié, D. Xu, H. Zheng, and G. C. Daily. 2021. Mapping the benefits of nature in cities with the InVEST software. npj Urban Sustainability 1:1–9.

Lonsdorf, E. V., C. Nootenboom, B. Janke and B. Horgan. 2021. Assessing urban ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure: Golf courses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Landscape and Urban Planning 208: 104022. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.landurbplan.2020.104022.

Walston, L., Y. Li, H.M. Hartmann, J. Macknick, A. Hanson, C. Nootenboom, E. Lonsdorf, J. Hellmann. 2021. Modeling the ecosystem services of native vegetation management practices at solar energy facilities in the Midwestern United States. Ecosystem Services 47: 101227.

Lonsdorf, E. V., I. Koh and T. Ricketts. 2020. Partitioning private and public benefits of crop pollination services. People and Nature 2: 811-820. https://doi.org/10.1002/pan3.10138

Current projects

Aligning food production, solar development and ecosystem services: an assessment of economic and environmental potential for farmers, ranchers, and society. Sponsor: USDA – NIFA – AFRI.

Advancing White Earth Food Sovereignty through Collective Analysis and Action Planning (co-PI with Katey Pelican) Sponsor: UMN – Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute

FACT CIN: Beescape NexGen: Creating Decision Support Tools To Manage Bee Health And Ecosystems Through Transdisciplinary Action (co-PI with Christina Grozinger of Penn St University). Sponsor: USDA – NIFA – AFRI

Valuing and conserving pollinators in Texas’ working landscapes (co-PI with Taylor Ricketts of University of Vermont). Sponsor: Knoblach Family Foundation