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Gerald Aulandez

Gerald works as an undergraduate assistant with the sustainability education team at IonE while pursuing his degree in environmental sciences, policy and management with a concentration in environmental policy and planning. After his time at the U of M, Gerald hopes to pursue graduate studies in environmental policy and international development and work to address the human problems caused by a rapidly changing environment and world. Gerald is passionate about the role that sustainability and environmental democracy can play in revitalizing and empowering communities and social relationships.

In addition to sustainability, Gerald believes in the critical role that young people play in shaping the future of an increasingly complex world; he has spent several years working with the Ruhi Institute in neighborhoods throughout the Great Lakes region to empower youth and their families to develop capacity to create positive and unified social change. Equity, justice and community wellbeing are the ideals that motivate Gerald to work for a sustainable future in his studies, service, family and professional life.