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Karla Castro

Karla has 4 months of experience as a program coordinator for EOS International, an Acara partner NGO in San Isidro, Nicaragua. She enjoys the opportunity to serve the communities of her country through her work. Before working for EOS, Karla was an English Teacher working in a public high school in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. She has also worked as a translator and interpreter for medical and public health brigades. Karla has spent 8 years coordinating medical, public health, and educational programs for organizations such as: Global Brigades, Gobal Glimpse, Fundación VIDA, International Samaritan.

Karla says ‘I think that my job is very productive because I can help my own people out to improve their life conditions and also I can be a bridge of communication between my friends in the United States and the Nicaraguan people. I love my job!’