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Laura Dee is a postdoctoral scholar with a joint appointment with the Natural Capital Project and the departments of Applied Economics and Forest Resources at the University of Minnesota. Laura’s research addresses climatic, ecological and socioeconomic drivers of ecosystem services and their sustainable management in the face of uncertainty. A main objective of her research is to inform resource and land management strategies for the sustainable provision of ecosystem services that will be robust to global change. Her interests span multiple spatial scales and ecosystem types (e.g., forests, grasslands, coastal and marine ecosystems), and she uses a mix of empirical and mathematical modeling approaches. Her Ph.D. research focused on the impacts of temperature variability and biodiversity on global fisheries yields and the extent to which managing for ecosystem services provides an economic incentive for conservation. At the University of Minnesota, she is examining how climate change affects ecosystem services provided by boreal forests and how management strategies can reduce those impacts in a project co-advised by IonE fellows Peter Reich and Steve Polasky. Laura earned her Ph.D. in environmental science & management at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2015, completing a concurrent M.A. in economics, and holds a B.S. in marine biology from Brown University. In her spare time, Laura enjoys cooking, traveling and exploring parks. Additional information about Laura and her research can be found at lauraedee.com.