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Ngawang Gonsar

Ngawang Y. Gonsar has joined the IonE team as a Project Manager for Ensia in Education. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Masters of Science with a focus on Developmental Biology. She is currently a faculty member at Gustavus Adolphus College in the Department of Biology. Ngawang is also a doctoral student in STEM education at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests are in investigating equitable science learning and teaching practices that promote inclusiveness and engagement of underrepresented communities in the Sciences.

Outside of her professional obligations, Ngawang serves as a board member for LÂMTÖN, an academically oriented program serving the Tibetan-American community. As a board member, Ngawang takes active leadership in the tutoring and the mentoring program. She also enjoys travelling, spending time in the mountains, and being with friends and family. She currently lives in Minnesota with her partner and her cat, Bhuchung.