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Rylie Pelton is a graduate research fellow with NiSE at the Institute on the Environment. Rylie’s research focuses on applications of life cycle assessment to aid procurement and manufacturing decision makers in integrating environmental metrics into their decision-making. She is currently using LCA-based methodologies to assess and identify product environmental claims that demonstrate improved environmental performance, the results of which will be integrated into a decision-making software tool to guide procurers in reaching their organizational sustainability objectives. Rylie is also recipient of the biobased and biosystems engineering Buckman Fellowship for her research using LCA to investigate the dynamic environmental performance of bio-refineries based on the fluctuations in co-product and intermediate product production portfolios.

Rylie is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota in the natural resources science and management program and is minoring in public health. In her free time, Rylie loves to travel, hike, camp, read and create art.