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Graduate Changemakers Lab: Take your project or idea to the next level

The Graduate Changemakers Lab is designed to give students a freedom for innovation and collaboration that transcends a traditional classroom setting. By providing coaching, access to funding, and networking opportunities, the Graduate Changemaker Lab is an interdisciplinary cohort of 12-15 graduate students who have an idea for an equitable project addressing an environmental or social issue. 

One participant described it as “a space to be able to fail, grow, and experiment instead of a uniform, pressured environment.” Ultimately, the Graduate Changemakers Lab aspires to have students experience the processes involved in developing their projects and to provide a connection to resources that will continue to benefit their future change-making endeavors. 

“Acara really helped me connect with a bigger network, you were a real springboard to other programs and workshops and helped me understand who to talk to as other questions develop.” -2018 Acara Changemaker Lab Participant 

Last year’s inaugural Graduate Changemakers Lab provided the opportunity for a variety of innovative projects to be developed, addressing challenges in communities within Indonesia, Guatemala, Kenya, Minnesota, and others. Projects ranged from community-led tourism initiatives promoting sustainable development in specific communities to creating inclusive and environmentally sustainable menstrual hygiene management policies on campus. 

Having this group as home base and a place to keep checking in was instrumental in my success.” -2018 Acara Changemakers Lab Participant 

If you have an equity-focused project or idea you’d like to take to the next level, consider joining the Graduate Changemakers Lab this year!



Interested in applying? All you need to do is email your resume and a short, one page description of your equity-focused project no later than October 14th to acara@umn.edu.

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