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HEAL-Ed: promoting workplace wellness amongst entrepreneurs in Uganda

By Hannah Fleming, 2021 Acara Fellow

We are HEAL-Ed, a group of University of Minnesota students and alumni with a shared interest in medicine and global health that originally met in a grand challenge course, where we were tasked with developing a project to address non-communicable disease in Uganda. From the encouragement we received through this course, the Acara program, and our contacts in Uganda, we worked for one full year to modify our project into an actionable public health intervention.

We partnered with a business development program, Finding XY, located in the bustling city of Kampala, Uganda to develop a wellness programming geared towards female entrepreneurs. We created a course module, titled “Wellness in the Workplace,” which was integrated into one of Finding XY’s entrepreneurial development courses. The module was delivered by two native spokespeople, Rose and Peter, via Zoom in November 2021.  

Although the holistic concept of wellness — encompassing physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, environmental, and social health — was newer to this population, our module was a great success. We had a high level of engagement from the participants in the course, and the course facilitators were very excited about this new intersection of entrepreneurial wellness and business development.

We hope the impact we have had on the entrepreneurial industry in Kampala, and the impact they have had on us, will lead to a dynamic, healthy, and successful future for us all.

Want to learn more? Check out the slides for our “Wellness in the Workplace” module!

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