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Boreas Booya featured in Star Tribune

The prominence of booya is growing thanks to a Star Tribune article that featured the delicious stew and the Boreas Leadership Program.

The community stew has taken on symbolic meaning at the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment. Kate Knuth, director of the institute’s Boreas Leadership Program, started a weekly meeting for graduate students, and she dubbed it “booya.” Once a year, the stew is served (she even ordered a 10-gallon kettle for it), but the rest of the time, it’s simply about bringing people together to share ideas.

Our fearless booya evangelist and program director was interviewed about the uniquely Minnesotan way of building community and networks:

“I like the idea of everyone coming and putting something in the pot, both literally and metaphorically,” said Knuth, who grew up attending the annual booya at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in New Brighton.

Kristi Kremers

Director of Graduate & Faculty Leadership Programs


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