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Apply now for SELF-Sustain 2016!

Calling all student leaders! April 1st-2nd, the University of Minnesota System will be hosting it’s annual conference for students involved in sustainability from all five U of M campuses. The event is titled Student Engagement Leadership Forum (SELF) Sustain, and will bring students together from all different disciplines to talk about sustainability and campus development. This year SELFsustain will be hosted by UMN-Morris.

Initiated through the University of Minnesota’s Systemwide Strategic Sustainability Committee, the event is a two day long “retreat” with the intention providing undergraduates the opportunity to share their sustainability efforts with a systemwide audience, and to hear what their peers from other campuses are doing. It also provides the opportunity to meet people from your own campus, and those with administration power and resources.

Alright so if we have peaked your interest, there are a few things you need to know.

  1. The dates for this event are April 1-2nd.
  2. UMN-Morris will be our wonderful host this year
  3. The application deadline is Friday March 11th! The sooner the better, however!
  4. Food is provided!
  5. IT’S FREE! From transportation to food to housing, everything is on us!

And finally: Here is the link to apply!


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