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Design your own adventure: Spring 2017 Sustainability courses

Thinking about your Spring 2017 schedule?

There’s so many options for great sustainability courses this coming spring semester. Here’s a few to check out!

SUST 3003 – Kimberly Byrd is teaching Sustainable People, Sustainable Planet, a great stand-alone option or first requirement for the Sustainability Studies Minor.

SUST 4004 – Learn from local sustainability professional Amir Nadav & architect Elizabeth Turner in the capstone course Sustainable Communities with projects ranging across campus & communities.

SUST 4096 – Want hands-on experience in putting sustainability to practice? Sign up for this unique Sustainability Internship course, taught by IonE’s Mary Hannemann & Megan Voorhees. Internship opportunities are available or you can bring your own internship or leadership project on campus. Read more.

AND IonE’s Acara Courses!

Other great classes to consider

COMM 4250: Environmental Communication | Online | Instructor:  Mark Pedelty

COMM 4250 is not just an online course; it is also a field-based experience. Explore a field site and create an interpretive talk about an environmental issue.

EE 1701: Energy, Environment and Society | M. W. 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM | Instructor:  Ned Mohan

Discuss energy transition to renewables, conservation and developing a sustainability mindset as you become an ambassador for the environment. Read more.

GER 3501: Contemporary Germany: Green (R)evolution? | T.Th. 1 – 2:15 PM | Instructor: Charlotte Melin

Why does Germany have a reputation for “green” initiatives? Does change happen through revolution or evolution? This course (taught in German) looks at the ways environmental imagination is expressed through language and in contemporary culture, as well as the dilemmas and challenges the move toward sustainability raises.

GER 3604: Introduction to German Cinema | M. 5 – 9 PM |Instructor: Seth Peabody

Newly redesigned!  Taught in English & focusing on the environment in German film. Develop skills to critically engage with environmental imagery in your own culture, from corporate greenwashing to creative work that enhances sustainability awareness.

Seniors: You can sign up for these Science, Technology & Environmental Policy courses!

PA 5712: Science to Action | M. 4 – 5:15 PM | Instructor: Steve Kelley

This course empowers students to explore multiple strategies for translating science to action for the common good.

PA 5715: Survey of Current Issues in Science, Technology, & Environmental Policy | Th. 8:15-9:30 AM | Instructor: Steve Kelley

This seminar-style class is run as a guided book club on issues in science, technology and environmental policy.

water-policy-course-flyer-s16PA 5723: Water Policy | Th. 4 – 5:15 PM | Instructor: Peter Calow

This course will explore the major water-related issues of our time and the policy solutions to them. Read more.

PA 5741: Risk, Resilience, and Decision Making | Th. 9:45 – 11 AM | Instructor: Peter Calow

Explore the interplay between risk analysis, decision making, and policy in the context of new and emerging technologies, environmental and human well-being, risk and resilience.

PA 5751: Urban Infrastructure Systems for Sustainable and Healthy Cities | Online +W. 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM & F. 2:30 – 4:30 PM | Instructors: Anu Ramaswami and Frank Douma

This interdisciplinary online course will feature expert panels, and is open to both graduate and undergraduate senior students.pa-5790_flyer_7nov Read more.

PA 5790: Urban Food Systems and Policy | M. 6 – 8:45 PM | Instructors: Anu Ramaswami and Dana Boyer

This course will include guest speakers and cover systems thinking around urban food policies, emerging analysis tools to evaluate environmental impacts, emerging research to assess urban food, and exploring integrated policy innovations in the U.S. and globally. Read more.


Don’t forget about the Grand Challenge Curriculum!

Spring 2017 Grand Challenge Curriculum

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