Gasoline prices will influence peoples’ lives

By Zhiming Feng, GCC 3011 student

We know about the Gasoline price increase every day because of war in Europe now. Even if there is no war before the February, we still can see the price increase a lot. During the Covid that happens at the start of 2020, we can see that the price of gasoline has increased. We know that many changes after covid, but one thing we can feel is that the gasoline price has influenced our lives. Many American people like to drive cars anyway and a gasoline price increase will let them need to pay more for gasoline. So that we can hear many American people complain about the gasoline price, and they also complain the government does nothing to control the price go up. I think the price will go up faster after the war happens between Russia and Ukraine because I have a car so I have a strong feeling that I need to pay more than 20 dollars per time when I need to add gasoline.

I think the Electric car has developed a lot nowadays, many people like to buy electric cars nowadays. We can see that many traditional automotive industries have developed some model electric cars nowadays. But we still can see that many people like to buy gasoline cars nowadays, and they like to buy SUVs better than small cars nowadays. This will let people pay more for gasoline, and we know people like to buy SUVs because they are more powerful and comfortable. One point that we need to point out is that traditional gasoline cars has one advantage: the electric car cannot go far away from the city. They only can run 300miles every time, and they need to find out the charge station before the battery dies. It also needs to waive one hour or longer to charge the battery fully and go to the next trip, but the traditional gasoline car only needs a few miles to fill the gasoline and go to the next trip. It can save time on the trip, and we don’t need to worry about the battery usage for a long time so that it will be no safety.

I think the solution is that the traditional automotive industries can improve the car engine by using the efficiency of gasoline. I also think the government should subsidies the traditional automotive industries so that they can pay more attention to developing new technologies to make the traditional gasoline cars use less gasoline to run on longer roads. The government also needs to encourage the gasoline refining and processing enterprises to reduce the carbon content of gasoline and produce more high-standard gasoline. The government should also educate the people to use more public transport instead of everyone driving the car to the company, and it also encourages them to add high standard gasoline instead of cheap gasoline. People can also buy small cars or low-emission vehicles instead of buying trucks or high displacement SUVs. We know people want to save money to fill the cheap gasoline in their cars, but the government can pay some money for the people to fill the high standard gasoline. I think people are willing to add high-standard gasoline.

I hope the gasoline price going up for this time will let the people think about what kind of life that we want to have and I think this gasoline price increase will cause many countries’ governments to think that we need to save energy and give up some solution in the end.

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