COVID-19 and Grid Load

By: Nolan Rebernick

Let us all go back and think of the good old days about 3 months ago. You would come home from a long day of hard work at your day job slip into a pair of sweatpants and a comfy t-shirt and after taking a short break you would start your second job, your chores. You would run the dishwasher, do the kid’s laundry, and start making dinner for your lovely family. Like you, thousands of other Minnesota residents do the same. As you’re making your kid’s favorite dinner, mac and cheese with cut-up hot dogs, on your electric stove, Minnesota’s power grid is ramping up to supply energy to households across the state so everyone has enough energy to live comfortably and do their chores.  

One day that all changes and now you’re working at home, and it’s not only you, everyone is working from home. This might be a horrible thing at first to you but you soon realize “Hey! I have a quick break! I’m gonna do the kids’ laundry a little earlier today.” So you go down the stairs and throw it in the washer. However your next door neighbor John got swamped today and he’s still stuck doing Johnny Jr.’s laundry during the normal after work hours. Little did you know, by doing your laundry in the middle of the day, you’re helping out the grid by not doing your laundry at a peak operating hour. Now you’re not the only geniuses who had this idea and a lot more Minnesotants do the same. By a large amount of people doing their laundry during the day a lot of power normally wasted is being utilized by the population. This also causes the power grid not to ramp up as much, allowing them to conserve resources. 

If more people jump on this bandwagon of doing chores during the day, while they’re at home, maybe we can put a positive spin on quarantine and make a difference from our own homes. 

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