Power Rangers

By: Harith Almaskari

Global climate change is a real threat to our world. We must stop using fossil fuels to power our world and use alternative energy sources that are clean and renewable. We must stop polluting our world with greenhouse gases and use the clean resources that Mother Nature created. Climate change demands that all of us do our part to save our planet. So, we need superheroes to educate people about green energy and encourage changes in behavior that support conservation and the use of green energy!

Introducing the power rangers!

Solar Ranger

It uses the heat and light from the sun to fight the evil villain, Global Warming, by using solar panels. The sun is billions of years old and will last for billions more. The solar cells on solar panels capture the sun’s energy and use it to produce electricity. It eliminates the production of greenhouse gases wherever solar panels are found. The more solar panels put on houses, buildings, and linked together in an array, the less greenhouse gas production.

Solar panels absorb particles of light from the sun and convert that energy to electrical energy. Solar panels are composed of many, smaller units called photovoltaic cells.

Wind Ranger

It takes the wind and turns it into electricity by making the rotors on a tall pole turn. When the rotors move, a generator inside the pole spins to create electricity. Its ability to harness the wind means it can push the rotors at different speeds. Mother Nature gives the wind needed to battle Global Warming.

A wind turbine captures the wind via three blades, called rotors, which are attached to a tall tower. The wind allows the rotor to spin; as the rotor spins, the movement of the blades drives a generator that creates energy. The motion of the blades turning is kinetic energy. It is this power that we convert into electricity.

Hydro Ranger

When water is in motion, it produces energy. We take this energy to make electricity. The greater the force of the water the more electricity we can make. We can create an endless amount of energy to replace fossil fuel using water as long as water is flowing.

Hydro power plants capture the energy of falling water to generate electricity. A turbine converts the motion of falling water into mechanical energy. That energy is then used to drive a generator to produce electricity.


Geo Ranger

The Earth makes heat below its surface every day, all day long. Then the heat is captured to make electricity by making a steam turbine.

Geothermal energy can be used in two ways. Large, industrial steam plants utilize hot water reservoirs found in the Earth. Wells are drilled into these reservoirs to collect the steam and hot water which is then pumped to the surface. Geothermal power plants are found throughout the U.S. The second way Geothermal is used is to bury pipes that act as heat exchangers to capture the heat energy below the earth’s surface and use it to heat internal space.


All of us need to act responsibly to protect our world from global warming. This means that we must chart a course that transforms our world by eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels and committing to the use of clean, green energy.

We can do this by embracing the message of reduce, reuse, and recycle, and by forming partnerships with leaders of influence willing to fight for regulations, laws, and global alliances that support green energy. We must also demand that utilities and governmental agencies make public carbon reduction data so that we can pinpoint beneficial strategies and discard those of no impact. And, of significant importance, is our personal commitment to helping Minnesota meet the goal of 0% carbon emissions by 2050.

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