Selective Catalytic Reduction on Diesel Engines

By: Mazen Alamri

I presented at the virtual University of Minnesota 2020 Sustainability and Energy Expo.

My presentation was about the Importance of Selective Catalytic Reduction on Diesel Engines. This system reduces up to 90% of nitrogen oxides (including N2O, a greenhouse gas)  emissions. This system has been implemented for a few years and has proven that it’s one of the best for nitrogen oxides exhaust emissions treatment. Additionally, the system is combined with other systems that reduces all internal combustion engine missions to meet the California mission standards. 

The takeaway from my presentation was these systems (in almost all of our cars) need to be a little warm in order to operate. So, the action that the audience can take is to let the car warm-up for 2-3 minutes before pressing on the gas paddle.    

This presentation took place on April 3nd and there were about 50 people in the audience. What I learned is that when presenting, I should have one goal and one focus so that the audience can follow me better. 

Edited for spelling, grammar, and clarity

Want to watch the presentation? Here’s the recording of Mazen’s presentation, starting at 29:38. 

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