Why We Need Air Source Heat Pumps

By: Evan Hiew

As a college student I am always looking for ways to save money and cut costs.  At the same time, I realize that I have a responsibility to do what I know is right and make educated decisions for myself and for future generations.  Many times these two stances appear to contradict each other.  One example is spending extra money to buy environmentally conscious products.  Sacrificing a few extra dollars to do something that can help save the environment is a tradeoff that many of us have to weigh in our everyday lives.  Choosing to do something that comes at a personal cost is not an easy decision especially when you may not see direct benefits from these choices.  These are challenges that many of us have to navigate as young college students who have limited funds but still want to do the right thing and make a difference in the world that we all share and hope to contribute to.

All of us have the opportunity to make good decisions for ourselves and for the environment.  These are important choices that everyone can make but this is especially important for young college students.  For many of us we are moving out of our parent’s homes and beginning to make our own living arrangements for the first time.  We will be given the opportunity to choose where we live and the appliances that we use in our residences.  As a result, we have the responsibility to make good decisions that will have a long lasting impact.

One of these choices is the kind of appliances that we choose to install and use in our homes.  I argue that we should install air source heat pumps in our homes instead of traditional heating elements.  Air source heat pumps transfer hot air from the outside to warm the cold air inside your house or vice versa.  They absorb heat from one area and transfer it to another.  As a result it is a low cost way to heat and cool your home.  These systems are also much more energy efficient than a traditional central heat pump system.  As a result, installing air source heat pumps can provide economic savings for homeowners as well as lessen the environmental cost associated with running a traditional heat system.  An air source heat pump relies on the outside air to gather heat and can run on renewable forms of energy such as solar or wind.  Traditional heating elements rely on electricity or coal to power them, which leads to higher cost of operation as well as a higher carbon footprint.  Additionally, installation of an air source heat pump usually runs between $3,500 -$5,000.  Traditional heating elements cost $12,000 – $20,000 to install.  Finally, many countries incentivize the use of these air source heat pumps and provide tax credits for their use in your home.  Here in the United States, you can receive a $300 tax credit for installing an air source heat pump.  Furthermore, the state of Minnesota will provide a rebate for your air source heat pump that can get up to $1000. 

Air source heat pumps provide a rare win-win scenario for us as consumers.  Not only do you save money on installation and on your energy bill, but you can also lessen the harmful effects of running a traditional central heating and cooling system.  Buying appliances and homes is one of the biggest decisions we make, and as a result, we have the responsibility to make informed and globally conscious decisions.  I believe that air source heat pumps are the right choice for ourselves and the world.

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