Wind Development on Tribal Lands

By: Heather Jensen

Turbine Measurements

  • Overall Height (bottom of hub to blade vertically extended): 386 feet
    • Equivalent to a 38-story building
  • Center hub
    • Height: 262.4 feet
    • Base: 13.45 feet by by 13.45 feet by 11.48 feet
    • Weight: 17.19 tons
  • Blades (3 total)
    • Length: 123 feet
    • Weight: 6.6 tons

*The turbine is not located near any major bird migratory routes and meets federal aviation requirements.


  • The turbine started in Shanghai and was shipped to Houston, Texas taking seven weeks to arrive. It was then loaded onto trucks and sent up to Minnesota. The turbine’s assembly was completed in fall of 2009 taking only two days to build.


  • The turbine cost $1.8 million but is expected to have a payback period of 15 years (The turbine is expected to last 30 years).
  • The tribe has invested in multiple energy projects and has a long term goal of becoming self sufficient. The turbine is just one piece that is contributing to this goal.
    • The tribe is also helping work towards Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard which states that 25% of the state’s energy must come from renewable energy resources by 2025.
  • The turbine demonstrates that wind energy is viable in areas of low to moderate wind. Wind turbines also have no negative impacts to the planet after the completion of construction.

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