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Short Internship, Big Impact: Right Track at IonE

The Institute on the Environment has welcomed Right Track interns from the City of Saint Paul since 2017, and this year was no different. However, IonE’s Right Track cohort from Saint Paul’s Right Track Program looked a little different this year. With Covid-19 making work from home a normal part of everyday life now, IonE’s Right Track interns moved online too. Right Track places high school students and recent graduates in internships with businesses and local organizations. The Right Track Program worked tirelessly to ensure that students still had the opportunity to intern remotely this summer, and the Institute on the Environment was excited to see the amazing skills the new interns would gain!

Jaraide Dossavi is a student at Hamline University majoring in Environmental Studies and Religion. His first time interning with Right Track was actually at the Institute on the Environment in 2017! Jaraide worked with the NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise compiling journalists and organizations with environmental interests into a media contact list for research outreach.

Amanda Son is a student at the University of Minnesota majoring in Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering. Amanda worked with the Sustainability Education team reading over transcripts of interviews with professors to compile a list of environmental justice related courses.

When asked what they would be taking away from this experience, Amanda answered:

“My internship at the Institute of the Environment gave me the opportunity to work on a more self-directed project with the support of the Sustainability Education team. I had never done a project quite like this so I was nervous going into the beginning of the internship. However, I had the guidance of my supervisor and cohort leader which made me feel like I was going in the right direction…”

Jaraide answered:

“I’m going to leave this internship feeling confident in the fact that I’ve gone through an entire job experience virtually. It wasn’t the most optimal situation but I made due with it and it’s been very rewarding to me to prove to myself that I am capable of working online during a pandemic.”

Both teams were blown away by the hard work both interns put in this summer. They both made a tangible impact and furthered the work IonE does in a meaningful way! When all was said and done, both teams were sad to see these two go after their six week internships with IonE, but knew they would go on to do amazing things!

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