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Sust Ed 2016-17: Hottest Year on Record!

And just like that, another school year has come and gone! The Sustainability Education team spent the 2016-2017 academic year reaching out to growing numbers of students, educators and other community members. Engaging more and more people on campus in the work of building a more sustainable society is core to the mission of Sustainability Education and IonE as a whole, and we had lots of fun doing it. Here’s a brief review of the big events we organized and participated in this year:


Sustainability Action! welcomes U of M class of 2020

On Friday, September 2, IonE hosted an orientation experience designed to connect incoming freshmen with University and community organizations that have a sustainability focus. With over 35 groups and organizations providing information, this year’s showcase offered a wide variety of sustainability programs and initiatives that students could get involved with.

Open Street Goers Stay Hydrated at Water Bar

On Saturday, October 1st, the University of Minnesota community had a chance to walk the streets and learn about local businesses, clubs, and organizations around campus. Under the Sustainability Education tent, there was an activity that would intrigue community members as well as educate them on an important topic, all they had to do was belly up to the bar, the water bar that is.

SusTunes was spectacular!

On the night of December 2nd the Learning and Environmental Science (LES) building on the St. Paul Campus was transformed with glistening lights, and booming with song, laughter, and conversations. SusTunes 2016 was taking place, and it was magnificent.

Sustainability Film Series 

Sustainability Education put on four spectacular films in the 2016/2017 school year. Titles included Trashed, Before the Flood, Catching the Sun, and The True Cost.  These films would not have been as successful as they were without the help of It All Adds Up and University Dining Services.

University of Minnesota students power up on Germany Renewables Revolution

Students from the University of Minnesota’s Duluth, Morris and Twin Cities campuses are exploring the social, technical and political challenges that Germany has faced in making the transition to renewable energy.

Five campuses convene and collaborate at the 6th annual SELF-Sustain event!

The Twin-Cities campus hosted the 6th annual SELF-Sustain conference that provided a collaborative, and engaging atmosphere for students from all five University of Minnesota campuses (Twin-Cities, Morris, Duluth, Rochester, and Crookston) to converse in. The event kicked off with many students participating in the Sustainability and Energy Expo followed by a circle talk with Francis Bettelyoun, involved with the Native American Medicine Gardens, who offered a Lakota perspective on our nation’s methods of dealing with climate change.


We want to thank all of the students, faculty, and University community who helped make this year amazing. Have a wonderful summer!

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