Top 10 career checklist

Top 10 Career Checklist

When you’re ready, here are some actions you can take to jumpstart your career search. 

  1. Find a Career Focus. Struggling with direction(s) for your career post-college
    This Career Focus Exercise may help. Follow the link and click on Career Focus Exercise under
  2. Identify Your Top Professional Skills. Analyze your most successful accomplishments and identify what you do best. Here’s an Assessing Your Skills (Peak Experience Stories) link to help to do that. Follow the link and click on Identify Your Skills Using Peak Experience under Self-Assessment.
  3. Make a new Professional Connection. Use your current network or contact Career Services to find someone doing interesting work and arrange an informational interview. For a refresher, view the webinar “How to do an Informational Interview“.  It’s good to have your own business cards, which can be made on campus. Students can call Anne at 612-625-1307 to inquire about printing. You can also check out Avery Business Card templates online or go to or where you can design your own for a reasonable price.
  4. Reconnect With a Professional Contact. Take some time to have coffee with a former colleague or mentor. Give them an update on what you are doing (don’t mention “Walking Dead”) and ask for suggestions.
  5. Polish Your Resume & Cover Letter. Using an interesting job or internship posting as a guide, develop a targeted resume and cover letter. For some tips, watch the webinars “Tailoring Your Resume” and “Writing Persuasive Cover Letters“.
  6. Polish Your LinkedIn Profile. Choose a clear, friendly and professional photo for your profile, write a headline that showcases your specialty, and use the summary section to walk the reader through your key skills and passions. Ask to join the “Sustainability Studies Alumni Network– University of Minnesota” on Linkedin. 
  7. Practice Your Interviewing Skills. The webinar “Interviewing Success” and ask a friend to do a practice interview with you. Or, practice your interviewing online with “Interview Stream“.
  8. Volunteer. Get involved in an issue that you feel passionate about and meet professionals in the field.Demonstrate your skills and build relationships.
  9. Join a Professional Association. There are associations for every field that can provide knowledge and networks. Many have student members at reduced fees. Check out resources and links to Professional Associations at the  Career and Internship Services page for CDE, CCE and CFANS; the Sustainability Education Career Resource page and the main UMN Career Resources page.
  10. Look Through Job and Internship Postings at the U’s GoldPASS job and internship site. Final Note – Make an Appointment with Career Services!


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