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Two Birds One Stone: Internship Experience and Credit with SUST 4096!

Want to find an internship but haven’t had time between the mad scramble to complete coursework and fulfill major requirements? SUST 4096 Sustainability Internship Class provides the perfect solution! Enjoy the opportunity to hold one of more than 20 available internships, some of which are paid, while earning 2-4 credits. From urban farms to recycling firms to policy-focused nonprofits, SUST 4096 offers a wide array of internship possibilities that are sure to help you test the waters in a variety of sustainability related fields. Check out the many internship sites available for Spring 2019 here.

Elizabeth, a former SUST 4096 student, explained that the class is a great way to “make really good connections with people.” She also said that “this class was perfect for learning more about the industry I hope to be a part of.”

According to another former student, SUST 4096 is a good class if “you are looking [for] hands on experience in the field of sustainability without a lot of pressure from coursework.”

Previous SUST 4096 students have been pleased to build software and public speaking skills, find networking and research opportunities, discover some post-graduation clarity, and even explore the chance to channel their passions in sustainability!

SUST 4096 provides students with the truly exceptional opportunity to secure fulfilling, relevant internships that not only bolster resumes but build confidence and familiarity with the industries and professional fields that students aspire to work in someday. Fortunately, it’s not too late to add it to your schedule for Spring 2019! Register for SUST 4096 here.

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