Welcome, 2016!

As we are enter the new year, we are all provided with the opportunity to reflect on the past year and use that to inform our goals and resolutions for the year ahead. The Sustainability Education team and program had a great year in 2015, and we want to not only carry that momentum into 2016, but improve and make our work better.

We began in Spring 2015 with a goal to expand our efforts both physically and across disciplines by bringing ourselves to East Bank. In a series we called “Sustainability Spotlight”- we ventured to Folwell Hall twice a month to showcase a different sustainability celebrity or student group. We featured HECUA, Students for Sustainability, and with individuals in different studies. <moving forward>

Spring 2015 also gave us one of our most successful Sustainability Film Series. We partnered with the usual <x,x,x> but also engaged with the undergraduate leaders of IonE’s Undergraduate Leader’s program, which also underwent changes in 2015. <UL Leaders things>

At the end of the semester we said goodbye to our team member, Madeline Giefer, as she graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, Policy and Management to go on to study Geography at UNC. We gained three lovely teammates as she departed however, which have brought new ideas and perspectives to our work.

One of those namely being Sust Tunes- our now annual sustainability focused concert. With the help over 11 student groups, we gathered over 150 students plus staff, faculty, and children into our building for a night of music and socialization. Of all the events that I have been a part of with Sustainability Education- this was by far the most magical.

Although we managed to accomplish many things these past semesters, Sust Tunes and AASHE were by far our biggest and most time intensive. AASHE is an annual national conference for the advancement of sustainability in higher education, and this year it was held here in Minneapolis!

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