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[Virtual Event] Probable Meets Possible: Bio-inspired futures rooted in the right now

May 27, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Imagine a world in which sustainable products and socially-conscious investing were the norm. Emerging technologies are making it possible to track environmental responsibility in real-time and manufacture next-generation renewable materials. Jessica Hellmann and David Bengston are at the vanguard of these developments and will share their insights.

Socially-conscious investors are driving a transformation in the environmental responsibility of corporations, but they’re just a small portion of the financial market. Dr. Jessica Hellmann, director of the Institute on the Environment, sees a sea-change coming with the advent of remote sensing and the ready availability of independent and verifiable data to track environmental responsibility in real-time and report that information to investors. Dr. David Bengston, an environmental futurist with the Strategic Foresight Group of the Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service, sees a forest-based bioeconomy on the horizon as new technologies enable production of high-tech, wood-based materials that could replace many nonrenewable and carbon-intensive materials. He will explore how a new “age of wood” may be dawning in which an ancient and renewable material takes center stage.

Moderated by the Bell Museum’s Holly Menninger.

The conversation will be held via Zoom.
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