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Wind turbine icing represents the most significant threat to the integrity of wind turbines in cold climate regions. A systematic evaluation of ice-induced effects on the performance degradations with respect to power output and structural response of a utility-scale wind turbine provides insights into the development of advanced control strategy for wind turbine icing mitigation. The proposed advanced control strategy takes advantage of both active pitch control to alleviate the icing risks. Compared to the conventional thermal-based methods and hydro-/ice-phobic coatings, the proposed strategy has zero extra energy consumption, highly competitive installation & maintenance costs, and no concerns of durability and extra lightning protection. The project is being conducted using the unique facilities available at Eolos Wind Research Station. The systematic evaluation framework and proposed control strategy can be generalized to most-commonly used horizontal-axis wind turbines, filling the gaps of ideal lab-scale tests and utility-scale turbines in natural cold environments and thereby facilitates the commercialization process.