Acara is a leadership incubator program open to students from any discipline who want to be part of solving real-world challenges, like equitable access to clean water, health care, energy, and healthy food. We support students with a passion, project, or idea as they take it to the next level – whether that be developing an app or student group, starting an advocacy campaign, or developing a social enterprise. 

This happens through programming that includes:

We are also more than a program – Acara is a community. Our network of partners provide ongoing support and coaching to students, helping them better understand the challenges communities face and how to develop viable solutions.


By being a part of Acara, you will learn:

How to develop and work on multidisciplinary teams.

Human-centered design and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The top skills that employers are seeking, including analytical, problem-solving, communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

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