Acara Innovation Fellows

The 2017 Innovation Fellows are:


Sebastian Nemec

“Because shopping should be easy for anybody”. Folx provides one e-commerce store for transgender people to find the products they are looking for.

The Local Beat

Graham Ambrose

The Local Beat is a marketing ecosystem promoting prosperity for small, local farmers by revolutionizing logistics, purchasing power, safety and what consumers know about their food.

La Mesa

Maria Bonilla

La Mesa is a local, plant-based meal kit delivery service, providing sustainably sourced meal options to busy adults.

One Day Tech

Harpreet Sandhawalia and Zachary Hofeld

One Day Tech provides K-12 teachers in low-income communities an easy-to- use tool that automates the classrooms management, effortlessly keeps parents up-to- date, and builds a student-centered culture of achievement.

Stop the Traffick

Christy Choi, Eva Okedele, and Sarah Lentz

Stop the Traffick reduces sex trafficking in Minneapolis by raising awareness and targeting buyers to reduce demand.


Margaret Kristian, Claire Irwin, Ben Ihde, and Peder Garnaas-Halvorson

Takadi is a subscription service that combines sustainable fuel delivery and waste collection in one convenient experience. Takadi reduces deforestation and increases urban waste management.


Alana Helin, Tyler Olsen, Rachel Kieser, and Priyanka Shah

Monsun aims to enable Bangalore residents to install rainwater harvesting systems, an alternative clean water source, on their home by offering an affordable lease-to-own payment program.


Marah Cuadrado Labey and Mariah Dooley

The vision of Luminaria is to install centralized solar charging stations for mid-sized, portable batteries which will bring electricity to households in rural communities of Nicaragua.

Vetiver Solutions

Jesse Abelson, Leeore Levistein, and Dalton Schutte

Vetiver Solutions seeks to increase the income of rural Haitians by sustainably improving agricultural soil through living plant barriers while simultaneously creating jobs for local women.

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