GCC 3003/5003 Grand Challenge: Seeking Solutions to Global Health Issues

Thursdays, 4:00 – 7:00 pm, Fall 2020

Instructors: Nasra Giama, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Nursing; Cheryl Robertson, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Fred Rose, Acara Co-Director and Affiliate Faculty, Humphrey School of Public Affairs 

Meets the Global Perspectives Theme and Honors Credit, 3 credits

Often, the most progress on challenging issues such as health and equity is made when you apply an interdisciplinary perspective. The same is true for global health issues. Whether responding to emerging pandemics, food insecurity, maternal mortality, or civil society collapse during conflict, solutions often lie at the intersection of animal, environmental, and human health.

In this course, students will work in teams to examine the fundamental challenges to addressing complex global health problems in East Africa and East African refugee communities here in the Twin Cities. Together we will seek practical solutions that take culture, equity, and sustainability into account. Each student team will be matched with a mentor, including professionals based in Uganda and Somalia. This exploration will help students propose realistic actions that could be taken to resolve these issues. This course will help students gain the understanding and skills necessary for beginning to develop solutions to global health issues. 

Class Info: https://schedulebuilder.umn.edu/explore/2020Fall/GCC/5003/

This course is accepted as an elective for the following programs: Honors course requirement, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering B.S., Civil Engineering B.C.E., Entrepreneurial Management B.S.B., International Business B.S.B., Public and Nonprofit Management B.S.B., Entrepreneurial Management Minor, Leadership Minor, Product Design Minor, and the Sustainability Studies Minor.

This class is part of the University’s new, innovative Grand Challenge Curriculum.

What did past students have to say about GCC 3003/5003?

This is a good class for you if you want to broaden your scope of international knowledge and to inspire an attitude towards change and global health.

Greta Siekmeier, GCC 5003 '16

This is a good class for you if you want to tackle real world challenges and implement solutions outside of the classroom.

Anonymous Student, GCC 5003 '16

This is a good class for you if you want a challenging yet rewarding way to apply your skills in a real life situation.

Anonymous Student, GCC 5003 '16