Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

My major doesn’t say environment on it, can I still apply?

Yes! We welcome students from all majors. Sustainability issues are inherently interdisciplinary, and we need people with training in a broad range of disciplines to make progress. If your major is not environment-related, that is fine. If your major doesn’t specifically address sustainability, that is also okay.

Ecolab Sustainability Internship Scholarships

If I have not yet secured an internship, can I still apply?

Not this semester. The scholarship will be offered in the fall as well. Check back in July for an update. 

Ecolab Learning Abroad Scholarships

Can another study abroad program be proposed for your consideration?

No. As of right now, the only eligible course study abroad course is CFAN 3532/5532 Germany: Leading the Renewables Revolution.

Ecolab Tuition Scholarships

I received a $7,500 tuition scholarship, do I need to do anything to remain eligible to receive funding for the next academic year?

You do not need to reapply for the scholarship. The Carlson School of Management and the Office of Undergraduate Education do an annual review to assess if students are still eligible. This includes whether you attended the four cohort meetings. If you are a domestic student, you need to fill out a FAFSA for the following academic year to remain eligible.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to if you are enrolled in the Carlson School of Management or to if you are enrolled in any undergraduate program outside of the Carlson School of Management.

Other Questions

I have another question that is not addressed here–how can I contact you?

Please review the Ecolab Experiential Education Scholarship page to learn about eligibility, preference, and the application process. If you still have questions, please email