Sustunes was originally a project for a sustainability class in 2015, SUST 3003, with the intention of making a positive difference in the world. After its success, it was planned for another year. Sustainability/art student groups are targeted because there is no coalition on campus for their activities, and there is a lot of potential overlap of events. The mission is to create dialogue & networking between sustainability/art student groups and prospective students in a relaxed, expressive, and inclusive environment.

Sustunes 2015

Performances by:

Willow    Shawnna

Geocasual    Mind Cents

Sustunes 2016

Performances by:

Music Therapy Student Association    Willows

City Love            Balloon Lagoon

Sustunes 2018

Performances by:

Tufawon    Henry James Patterson

Basses Wild

5th Annual Sustunes - Bonding to the Beat!

Friday, December 6th | 6-9 pm | Learning and Environmental Sciences Atrium

Free Admission, free food & free access to awesome local music!

Interest in getting involved in Sustunes? Email Anna to find out how!